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When President dos Santos called for "zero tolerance" of corruption in November 2009, a prominent member of the ruling MPLA party said Angolans should feel free to criticise the president over his family's business dealings, Reuters news agency reported. He was the mentor for the promotion of the Regime Dissident General Fernando Miala.

Portuguese billionnaire Americo Ferreira de Amorim is the chairman of Amorim Energia. Global Witness phone and email conversations with Mwenenge.9. Letter from Americo Ferreira de Amorim to Global Witness. In 2006 he had serious differences with Comrade Kundy Paihama.

He is not a member of the Political Bureau of the MPLA Party but participates in the meetings in the quality of invited of the Comrade Dictator Jose Eduardo dos Santos has the Dictator makes a point in introducing him in such capacity.Although Sonangol has a reputation for being professionally run, its opacity and its close links to the ruling elite of Angola have long been a cause of public concern. Now he says in his own words "that the trick is to keep the mouth shut, he can not say and he cannot buy what he likes".The state oil company has long been used by the government to borrow huge sums in a highly opaque manner and with little public accountability for the use of the money. Comrade Roberto Antnio Victor Francisco De Almeida Chairman of the National Assembly Date of Birth: 05/02/1941, Place of Birth: Kaxicane, Icolo e Bengo Ethnicity: Mbundu Career: Director General, Foreign Affairs Ministry, 1975; Minister of External Trade, 1976; Coordinator, MPLA Urban Committee, Luanda, 1978-79; Deputy President of National Assembly, 1980; Secretary, MPLA ideology sub-committee, 1982; MPLA representative for Bi Province, National Assembly, 1992; President, National Assembly, 1996 to date.Angola has a reputation for severe corruption which Global Witness has been reporting on for the last decade. GEMACompany created by Simon Junior, its current president is Jose Leitao, former head of the Civil House of the Presidency.A third of the shares in Galp are owned by a holding company called Amorim Energia BV. Account among its shareholders with the lawyer Carlos Feij.

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