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Of the 1,981 MSM, 50.5% (1,000/1,981) mainly sought homosexual partners through the Internet (Internet-based MSM, IBM).The proportion of IBM among total MSM subjects increased from 43.3% to 61.5% ().HIV prevalence of IBM increased from 5.7% to 20.7%, while that of non-Internet-based MSM (NIBM) increased from 7.0% to 14.7%.A relative higher proportion of NIBM were infected with HIV CRF01_AE subtype than IBM (79.5% versus 72.2%, ).The VCT clinic provides the largest free HIV testing and counseling service in Shenyang.Demographics, types, and numbers of sexual partners and high-risk HIV behaviors were collected from MSM who came to the VCT clinic for the first time.

Eligible entry criteria were (1) being biologically male, (2) at least 18 years old, (3) self-reported as having anal or oral sex with another male in the past 12 months, (4) self-reported as never testing positive for HIV, and (5) being able to provide written informed consent.

More efforts should be targeted towards developing interventions aimed at IBM, particularly migrant MSM and who engage in UAI with casual homosexual partners.

Globally, men who have sex with men (MSM) suffer disproportionately with HIV infection.

The subtypes of HIV are quite diverse in the MSM population, with the subtypes correlating with geographic location, transmission routes, and even sexual characteristics [14–16].

HIV bioinformatics analysis has been used to elucidate the transmission origin, transmission routes, and evolutionary dynamics of HIV in MSM and other populations [17].

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HIV prevalence is still rapidly increasing among Chinese men who have sex with men (MSM).

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