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If the device loses its connection it would appear as offline in the app.

Canary can communicate the reasons for an offline error by changing the color and behavior of the LED lights located on the device.

By adjusting the video quality of the data from the device to our servers, it improves the experience for Canary devices on slow networks such as DSL, resulting in lower than normal Watch Live video quality but also ensuring that the live video stream continues.

If the video stream doesn't fully load when you tap on Watch live and only shows a spinning icon, you may have an issue with one of the following: Limited bandwidth Canary devices on slow networks such as DSL can directly impact our Watch live service.

If the stream continue to not load, try resetting your device by power cycling it.Improve your Wi-Fi connection Your Canary device may be too far from the router, it may not get a strong enough Wi-Fi signal, which could result in unexpected interference between your Canary and your router.Obstructions such as walls, glass, or other electronics can also interfere with Canary's Wi-Fi signal.Note: To learn more about improving your improving your Canary devices connection, visit this article.Canary devices will automatically adjust your Watch Live video quality experience based on the strength of your connection.

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