A senior dating a freshman

“But this time had to be super secretive because he was in college, and he didn’t want his college buddies knowing he was dating a freshman in high school.” Shaw ended up breaking it off over a couple of big disagreements, only to have him asking for her back a few months later.

Shaw’s dad finally told him to back off, and she hasn’t heard from him since.

Ellie Shaw found herself in a secret relationship with a senior in high school when she was only in eighth grade.

“I remember that I was trying out for the school musical and I was partnered with this really short guy to go over lines with,” Shaw, a freshman studying education, said.

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High school students usually span from ages fourteen to eighteen.

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Shaw and her boyfriend were able to hang out outside of school because he had a younger sister the same age as Shaw who would cover for them when Shaw’s parents would ask who she was going to hang out with.

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