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Mike and Julie seemed like a very friendly couple, especially Julie. This little gal was hot to trot and wanted to get screwed. She began swaying to the music and slowly unbuttoned her blouse again. As her blouse fell away, she squeezed her tits together and pinched and pulled her dark brown nipples. She was then swaying in front of me in nothing but the smallest of silky pink bikini panties. She tested my patience by not letting me touch her until the music ended.

Mike was a little reluctant to take my offer, but Julie convinced him to accept. The pink panties wonderfully accented her beautiful light brown skin. I had nearly gone nuts wanting to reach out and grab her. As Julie began to make soft moans, I started lightly nipping and pinching her nipples.

The larger Breaks like this one had numerous radio equipment venders.

Some of the larger clubs would also set up displays to attract new members. They had gotten an inexpensive radio just a few weeks earlier. As we pulled out of her drive and away from her apartment complex, Julie slid across the seat to sit close to me. Since I had never dated a married woman, her kiss startled me, but not for long.

Without hesitation she took about two inches of me into her mouth and started sucking. She did everything I told her without hesitation or question.

Her dark brown eyes were captivating as were her breasts. We were attending a CB (Citizen Band Radio) get together in north central Arizona. They were meant to allow CBers from a large geographical area to get to know one another and get a look at the latest radio gear.

At that point in time, other than being friendly to some new CBers, nothing else had even crossed my mind. We exchanged numbers and parted with hand-shakes all around. The crotch of her panties was already soaked with her juices. She slowly turned completely around, came to stand about two feet in front of me, and said in a soft voice. Do what ever you want with me.” It was my turn to drive her crazy. I began by gently kissing her mouth and stroking her tits. As her moans became more pronounced, I pinched and pulled her nipples harder and rolled them between my thumb and fingers.

Although I did thoroughly enjoy gazing at Julie when the opportunity presented itself, especially her firm looking tits. The following Friday night, my date canceled on short notice due to illness. I had barely pulled to a stop in the space in front of their apartment, when Julie came bounding out. She was dressed in a short black skirt that hugged her hips and a silky, pale pink, V-necked, blouse that showed off her pert breasts. The rubbing from her blouse’s soft material already had her nipples beginning to harden. A few brief strokes to her pubic mound with her flattened hand, and the panties were quickly cast aside. From my seated position, I reached out and softly took her by her slender hips. She responded by raising her chest toward my hands.

My tongue worked in and out of her until her third orgasm began to build. As she came down from her climax, Julie was breathless.

When I moved to her clit and treated it to kisses and sucking, my fingers reentered her pussy. Just as Julie was about to cum for the third time, I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and sucked her clit, hard. It was difficult keeping my mouth on her swollen clit. “Please, I need to rest just a bit.” We cuddled and talked while she caught her breath and calmed down.

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