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You devote a significant portion of your time into that relationship (say a year or two), only to realize later that this person simply does not have the qualities you need to become your husband or wife.Think about how many people you meet through the course of a year or two.Say normally, you have 80 hours a month to socialize with people, but in a relationship (since you need to spend alone time together), you only have 20 hours to socialize with other people.Outside of a relationship, you would have 1920 hours to socialize with people.Whenever you have a problem, it is always a good idea to consider what you want first.After all, how can something be a problem if it isn’t relevant to something you want?

You just lost 3/4 of your time by hanging on to a relationship that doesn’t work!Additionally, if you do happen to meet the right person in that 480 hours while you’re in a relationship, you may not be able to pursue him / her!!Since it took you only 2 months (about 160 hours) to find this suboptimal relationship, you have essentially lost the chance for about 12 other potential candidates!After all, if you have no desire to actually commit to anyone, no amount of searching will do you any good.Do you want someone to spend the rest of your life with?

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