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The average cost in overtime/benefits for Mifflin over the last five years (2013-2017) was ,656.40; in addition, straight time pay/benefits amounted to ,635.60 on average.Mifflin therefore costs, on average, 3,292 for staffing alone--and that is just MPD's share!Every year there are literally scores of planned events, races, and festivals, as well as numerous unplanned or spontaneous marches and rallies.Most of these fall within the boundaries of the Central Police District.Over the last few years the sheer volume of these events means frequent (sometimes weekly) impacts on agencies and citizens alike; even small disruptions add up over time and result in frustration and drains on resources.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now to Mifflin 2018: As many of you are already aware, this Saturday, April 28th, will see large gatherings of people and active house parties on and around Mifflin St.

And yet, today, I’m going to continue to do my part to put myself out of business, by sharing this really well-written piece from Single Black on what emotionally unavailable men are thinking and doing when you’re dating them.(Thanks to the ladies of FOCUS Coaching for the link!)Here are a handful of excellent take-aways that I want you to internalize ASAP, so you will no longer waste time on another dead-end guy:1.MPD discourages attendance of the party; if you decide to participate, please be aware of the following: There is a glass ban in effect; no glass containers are allowed Intoxicants are not allowed on public space including sidewalks, terraces, and the roadway MPD will be paying special attention to alcohol related concerns including underage persons in possession of intoxicants MPD's operating philosophy combines education and enforcement; people attending the event should expect to be held accountable for their behavior There are no amplification permits and any equipment being set up will be removed It is a violation of Madison ordinances to sell merchandise, alcohol, or food even on private property without a permit There will be no closure of streets, and traffic and pedestrian laws are still in place Ordinances and criminal statutes will be enforced House Parties:you are responsible for what happens on your property; DO NOT allow people into your residence that you do not know Thank you and be safe! So while I can’t personally identify with guys who are shut-off from love, I can acknowledge one thing: they keep me in business.

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  1. ”) and, if applicable, divorce (“Dad, how can two people love each other for years and years, then stop being in love? Having an imperfect romantic résumé yourself does not disqualify you from initiating this conversation.