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Davies (Jon G.) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M364)Letters written by a Civil Rights volunteer in Holly Springs, Mississippi from Sept. Davis (Jefferson) Letters, 1853, 1880 (M43)Letters written by Davis in response to inquiries, 2 items. Hubbard (Bob) Hurricane Camille Photographs, 1969 (M259)Color photographs taken of sites on the Mississippi Gulf Coast before and after Hurricane Camille. 1888-2006Minute books for Ideal Baptist Churches in Mississippi, including Petal, Oak Grove, and two Perry County Churches . Carroll Ingram's tenure as a member of the Mississippi Senate (Forrest, Lamar and Stone Counties) from 1972-1980, .7 cu. Jackson (Alexander Melvorne) Papers, 1846-1892 (M16)Correspondence and records relating to the Jackson family, Mississippi politics, the Mexican War, the New Mexico Territory, the Arizona campaign with the Sibley Brigade during the Civil War, and Texas politics preserved by Jackson, secretary of the New Mexico Territory, Adjutant General of the Sibley Brigade, and court reporter of the Texas Court of Appeals. Jackson Freedom House Civil Rights Photograph, 1964 (M400)Photograph of Tom Wahman, assistant director of Mississippi Freedom Schools, and SNCC field secretary Ralph Featherstone at Freedom House in Jackson, Mississippi. Davis (Martha) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964, 2003 (M412)Three-page memoir recounting Martha Davis's involvement with the Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR) and her participation in Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964 in Clarksdale, .25 cu. Davis (Reuben) Speech, 1859 (M222)Speech given by U. House of Representatives by Congressman Davis, 1 item. 1870-1992 (M272)Research collection for his book Dummy Lines Through the Longleaf, a history of sawmill operations and logging railroads in southwest Mississippi. Hoffmann (Marie L.) Papers, 1933-1942 (M287)Case files, correspondence, reports, other relating to her work with the Emergency Relief Administration, Works Progress Administration in Mississippi, .45 1999-2002The bulk of the collection consists of 70 logging railroad maps drawn by Tony Howe. Adams County Police & Miscellaneous County Records, 1836, 1840-42, 1850-1856, 1894 (M085)Documents relating to activities of the Adams County Board of Police, .25 Anderson (Joseph Reid) Letter, 1872 (M240)Letter from Anderson, president of Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia to New York firm of Niel, Davidson & Co., relating to payment of bill, 1 item. V.) Papers, 1921-1938 (M309)Letters, photographs, and other materials reflecting his personal life as well as his association with Mississippi Normal College, 29 items. 14, 1864 (M235)Order written by General Lee to General Jubal Anderson Early. Lee Guard History, 1920-1921Printed history of military unit formed in 1885 at Mississippi A&M College, now Mississippi State University. Leech (Andrew Candler) World War II Diary, 1943-1945 (M285)Diary of his experiences in the European Theater, .25 Lewis (John South) Civil War Diary, 1864Typescript of 24-page diary kept by Captain John South "Bud" Lewis during the American Civil War. Little (Thomas) Journal, 1891-1907Farm or business journal and deeds of trust of a Copiah County, Mississippi farmer. Locke (Andrew J.) Letter, 1862 (M57)Letter from Marshall Locke to Jemmie A. ) telling her she is free to leave Grenada, Mississippi, having been paroled. Loomis (John Mason) Letter, 1863 (M107)Letter from Loomis, commanding the 26th Illinois Infantry, reporting activities and casualties in Warren and Hinds Counties, Mississippi. Adams County Broadside, undated Issued by the Committee of Law and Order, 1 item. Amite County Tavern Keepers Record, 1824 (M460)The collection contains one item, a list of persons who had obtained a tavern license for the 1824 term in Amite County. James S.) Papers, 1934-1977Articles, speeches, correspondence, scrapbook of USM professor of chemical engineering, 36 . Major-Sowers Saw Mill Photographs, 1923, 1928-1929 (M292)Photographs of Major-Sowers saw mills at Tallahala and Epley, Mississippi. Mantinband (Rabbi Charles) Papers, 1931-1997 (M327)Writings, correspondence, photographs, and condolence letters on the death of this outspoken proponent of Civil Rights and Rabbi at Temple B'Nai Israel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .70 M.) Broadside, 1884Advertisement for settlers in northeastern Mississippi and southwestern Tennessee area. Ben-Ami (Rabbi David Z.) Papers, 1924-2004 (M365)Materials pertaining to the life and work of Rabbi David Z. Bethea Family Collection, undated Genealogical materials of the Bethea family, at least partially from Hattiesburg. Blumenthal (Daniel S.) Papers, 1967-1988 (M388)Newspapers relating to civil and medical rights by this MCHR and VISTA physician, head of New Orleans MCHR and VISTA volunteer in Arkansas in 1970s, now Chair, Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, .80 Helena Parish, Louisiana and Magnolia and Bogue Chitto, Mississippi, 1 folder. 1819-1993 (M338)Newspaper and magazine articles, journals, newspapers, bumper stickers, cartoons, etc. Boudreaux (Edmond A., Jr.) Papers, undated Six articles written by Edmond Boudreaux, Mississippi Gulf Coast historian. 1991-2006Handwritten and typescript articles and manuscripts. Brandon (Gerard Chittocque) Letter, 1829 (M60)Letter from Mississippi Governor Brandon to Alabama Governor John Murphy regarding unsettled acounts, 1 item. Brewster in Corinth, Mississippi regarding Union troop movements shortly before battle at Shiloh, Tennessee, 1 item. It covers his three careers of military service, teaching and World War II unit research. Byrd (Jesse M.) Collection, 1947, 1951 (M330)Letters, campaign material, speeches related to candidacy of Byrd for Governor of Mississippi, 25 items. Tharpe, 1980; 1982Three letters written by noted author Erskine Caldwell to Dr. Camp Mc Cain Soldier Letter, 1943Letter written by soldier stationed at Camp Mc Cain, Mississippi. Camp Mc Cain, Mississippi World War II Slides, 1943Twenty-two color slides taken by Lt. Carter-Fancher Collection, 1845-1889 (M305)Family letters and deeds of land in Noxubee County, Mississippi, 11 items. Catholic Church Indulgence, 1737 (M198)To those visiting the paschal church of Saint John the Baptist, 1 item. Cole (James C.) Letter, 1907 (M54)Letter from Cole in New Orleans, Louisiana to Eula Ellis in Florence, Mississippi, 1 item. Field Report of the Second Brigade, 1862 (M234)List of men present for duty, August 3, 1862 near Comite River northeast of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1 item. Medical Records, 1861-1865 (M217)Two journals and printed booklet relating to Confederate medical activities, 3 vols. Army Board of Survey Proceedings, 1864 (M236)Regarding the value of Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles' horse, 1 item. Customs Form, 1861 (M33) One oversized customs form with the heading "Schedule of Free Goods introduced into the Confederate States of America." Confederate States of America. 1922-1999 (M319)Materials documenting the personal and professional life this Mississippi newspaper publisher and director of the State Sovereignty Commission. Johnston (Erle) Oral History Appendix, 1964-1967 (M321)Typescript summary of the activities of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission by one of the Commission's last directors. K Kappa Tau Scrapbook, 1948-1955 (M430)Girls' social club in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .33 Clinton) Papers, 1886-1983 (M244)Correspondence, autobiography, deeds, estate papers, photographs, family papers of a Jones County, Mississippi farmer. Kitson (John) Letters, 1826-1837 (M153)Letters to Kitson and others. Kline (Matthew J.) Vietnam Narrative, 1996-1997Narrative of his trip with his uncle to Vietnam revisiting sites where his uncle had served during the Vietnam War. Koenig (Ruth) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964–1994 (M362)Materials pertaining to Ruth Koenig's service as a Freedom Summer volunteer in Holly Springs, Mississippi, in 1964, and her return visit to Holly Springs in 1966, .4 Lang for Mississippi History course at USM, .25 cu. Kuhn (Francis X.) "Voices of Freedom Summer" Collection, 1999-2000Videotape, programs, and posters of his dramatic reading first performed at USM in 1999. Ben-Ami, who served at Temple B'Nai Israel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in 19, .5 Berry (David C., Jr.) Papers, 1950s-2004Correspondence, manuscript materials, rewrites, publications containing, photos, and note cards pertaining to the writings of USM English professor and poet, Dr. It consists of notebooks, folders and miscellaneous documents. Boggs (William Robertson) Letter, 1863 (M232)Letter from Brigadier General Boggs in Shreveport, Louisiana, to Commander at Vicksburg requesting free passage for Catlett family, 1 item. Bolton (Charles C.) Research Collection, 1994-1998Research materials accumulated by USM Professor of History for his books on poor whites in the South, 1.75 Breckinridge (John Cabell) Dispatch, 1862 (M73)Dispatch sent to Col. Brent (Charles R.) Photographic Collection, 1970s Photographs of USM Professor Emeritus of Engineering Technology and his students engaged in various projects, .10 D.) Records, 1876-1878 (M040)Receipts from Mississippi riverboats and grocer, 4 items. Jac Lyndon Tharpe, former professor at The University of Southern Mississippi, 3 items. Omer Austin Heacox while stationed at Camp Mc Cain (near Grenada, Mississippi) during World War II. early 1900’s–2006 Photographs, newspaper clippings, postcards, correspondence relating to history of Camp Shelby, an armed forces training camp located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 51 items plus 1 cu. Campbell (Betty H.) Collection, 1890; 1969-2010Newspaper and magazine collection of historically significant headlines as well as some of personal significance, 2 Carroll (Joseph Charles) Autograph Book, 1841, 1847, 1860-1867, 1920 (M200)Autographs of Civil War generals, U. Presidents, Cabinet members, Senators, Ambassadors. Case (Carroll) Papers, 1998Copy of his 1998 book The Slaughter about the alleged massacre of African American soldiers at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi during World War II; and a one-page document entitled "Hearsay Regarding the Alleged Massacre at Camp Van Dorn" transferred from the Carroll Case Oral History Interview, Vol. Causey (James and Patsy) Photographs, 1920s Black and white photographs taken of people, buildings, and scenes at State Teachers College. Chamberlain-Hunt Academy Collection, 1915One monthly publication by the students of Chamberlain-Hunt Academy in Port Gibson, MS. Collins (Henry Clay) Ledgers, 1911-1917 (M113)Moselle, Mississippi merchant, 2 vols. Columbus Riflemen, Company "C", First Regiment, 1900 (M62)Letter from members of Company "C" to Anna Banks regarding "Decoration Day" in honor of Confederate dead, 1 item. Port of Holly Springs, Mississippi, 1861 (M56)Customs form recording shipment of whiskey to Holly Springs, 1 item. 1960s-2001 (M379)Papers, clippings and articles; and a Harvard College undergraduate thesis regarding a reapportionment lawsuit , .10 Katagiri (Yasuhiro) Typescript of "The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission," 1997Copy of his dissertation on the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission. Kates (Jim) Papers, 1963-2001 (M390)Primarily materials pertaining to the book, "Letters From Mississippi." Also included are copies of a number of letters that appear in the book, materials regarding the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), and items that relate to Freedom Summer and civil rights in general. Keesler Field Historical Collection, 1941-2011 (M490)Materials related to the history of Keesler Field, which was built in 1941 in Biloxi, Mississippi. 1955-1977 (M354)Correspondence and newspaper articles regarding the controversy that erupted over Rev. Kershaw's scheduled appearance during the University of Mississippi's (Ole Miss) Religious Emphasis Week in February 1956. Kershner (Charles) Papers, 2007A 7-page speech by Charles “Chuck” Kershner, editor of The Student Printz in spring 1964. Brackin) Papers, 1886-1983 (M15)Correspondence, speeches, reports, publications, clippings, photographs, genealogical materials relating to Mississippi-born educator in New York and Alabama and with the Boys Clubs of America. Komisar (Lucy) Civil Rights Collection, 1961–1964, 1991 (M395)Copies of issues of the civil rights newspaper "The Mississippi Free Press" published in Jackson, Mississippi; copy of her Radcliffe College oral history interview about her civil rights activities and work in the National Organization of Women (NOW), .65 Bennett (Stewart L.) Civil War Collection, 1862-1890s Research collection about Union soldier Charles Dana Miller, including the diary of Union Captain R. Bethel Baptist Church (Newton Co.) Minutes, 1839-1945 (M342)Minutes and membership lists of Newton County, Mississippi church, 1 item. Bigelow had with him during his time in France during WWI. Biloxi Historical Map, 1721DVD contains a copy of a map of Biloxi, Mississippi, drawn in 1721. Bolton Family Collection Boney Family Collection, circa 1840’s - 2000’s Hattiesburg area local history memorabilia, 1 T.) Collection Guide, 1840-1913 (M434)Booklet entitled "W. Booth of Jasper County, Mississippi: His Life and Times, 1840-1913" written by Booth's great grandson Glover Robert and emphasizing his Civil War experiences, 1 item. Brown (Kate B.) Papers, 1918-1939 (M114)Correspondence, newspaper clippings, travel journal, report, photographs documenting Brown's work as director of Memorial Fund at Mississippi Normal College, .25 Cameron (Eugene V.) USS Biloxi Collection, Circa 1944-1998 (M480)The collection contains correspondence, newsletters, news clippings and other materials related to the World War II cruiser U. Camp School News, 1928Newsletter published by Camp School of Hattiesburg City Schools. Campbell (Will D.) Papers, 1950s-1990s (M341)Literary manuscripts and office files of this Mississippi born author and Civil Rights activist, 28.8 Chambers (Henry Tim) Collection, 1930-1987 (M433)Journals, typescript and published poems, newspaper articles by Chambers, .50 1970s-1980, 2010Materials relating to the family of Ms. Colmer (William M.) Papers, 1933-1973 (M24)Files documenting Colmer's 40-year tenure in the U. House that spanned the economic depression of the 1930s, three wars, and the Civil Rights Movement. Cook (Fred) Collection, 1974Commendation by Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives for USM student Fred Cook's outstanding accomplishments in intercollegiate athletics, 1 item. In the early – mid 1940s, Keesler Field housed a Technical Training School, a Basic Training Center for the Army, and Specialized Flight Training programs. The speech was delivered during the Symposium on Social Justice held at USM’s Thad Cochran Center in 2007, and it addresses the censorship of the March 20, 1964, issue of the Printz. 1927-1969Business records and photographs of several stores owned by the Kerstine family in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Key Brothers Endurance Flight Film, 1935Film of world endurance flight above Meridian, Mississippi. Kimball (Mary B.) World War I Letter, 1919Letter written to Mary B. 1949-1950USM-related materials of a masters in music student.

20th Century Political Materials, 1919-1920Speeches on the League of Nations, Theodore Roosevelt, labor problems, etc., 10 items. "Gustus") Correspondence, 1897-1901 (M304)Letters addressed to Lotterhos in Clarksville, Tennessee. Lovell (Mansfield) Letters, 1861, 1863 (M58)Letters to family members from Confederate Major General Lovell. Lowrey (Mark Perrin) Autobiographical Essay, 1867 (M49)Written by Confederate Brigadier General Lowrey. Lowrey (Rosewell G.) Typescripts, 1967 (M127)Typescripts of compositions by USM Dean of Men, .50 of Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR); compiler of "Health Care is a Human Right: A Collection of Biographies of the Medical Committee for Human Rights." 3.50 Marx (Charles A.) Papers, 1939-1997 (M313)Correspondence, reports, files, magazines documenting his career with the Mississippi Highway Patrol and as an attorney. Citizens' Council/Civil Rights Collection, 1954-1977, 1987-1992 (M99)Research collection of historian Dr. Crawford Company Civil Rights Letter, 1964Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee fund-raising letter to company in Madison, Wisconsin, 1 item. Dahl (Kathleen) Freedom Summer Collection, 1963-2003 (M357)Correspondence, scrapbooks, photo albums, printed materials, political campaign and organizations' buttons, poster, and video tapes of this Freedom Summer volunteer in Holly Springs, 1.10 Daughters of the American Revolution-Twentieth Star Chapter Scrapbooks, 1967-1993Official scrapbooks, 3 1900-1957Two photograph albums containing images of Mrs. 1715-1985 (M282)Research collection of historian Charles Sullivan for his book "Hurricanes of the Gulf Coast." 3 Riley, Inc., Collection, 1913-1915, 1924Business records for Jas. Neil Mc Millen about Citizens' Council, Ku Klux Klan, N. Crichton Lumber Company Letters, 1909 Five handwritten letters from George A. Cropwell Baptist Church (Alabama) Records, 1881-1923 (M28)Record book and membership list of this church in St. Crosby Family Letters and Miscellaneous Ledgers, 1849-1916Family correspondence, ledger, financial reports of the Native and Ten Mile lumber companies of Mississippi, .20 Dahmer (Vernon F.) Collection, 1966-1998 (M250)Newspaper clippings and programs about the life and assassination of prominent Hattiesburg, Mississippi African American businessman and Civil Rights leader, photographs of the 1998 trial of Sam Bowers for the murder of Vernon Dahmer, .75 Daughters of the American Revolution, John Rolfe Chapter, Records, 1936-1979 (M102)Minutes, reports, yearbooks, scrapbooks, other of Hattiesburg, Mississippi chapter, 4.5 Davis (Captain William Van) Diary, 1864-1865, 1909 (M280)Civil War diary of soldier in Company "D" of the 13th Mississippi Infantry, 1 item. 1862-2012 (M377)Materials documenting activities of African-American political activist in Hattiesburg, 8.50 J.) Letter, 1911Descriptive letter from Hudson on The White House, Biloxi, Mississippi, stationary. I Ideal Primitive Baptist Church (Petal, Mississippi) Minutes, ca. Petition of the Citizens of the State of Mississippi, Remonstrating Against Indian Claims, 1836 (M225)Petition of 91 Mississippi residents to the U. House of Representatives that a tribunal investigate land claims in the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit area. Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation Collection, 1944Newsletter titled "Ingalls News" published by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation located in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Ingram (Carroll) Papers, ca 1971-1984Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, publications, and a scrapbook relating to Mr. 1906-1925; 2004 (M291)Photographs of pine and oak forests owned by this Lyman, Mississippi lumber company and a 2003-2004 Forestry Association calendar. Iupe (Pat) Poster, 2005Poster to thank the volunteers who helped clean the coast after Hurricane Katrina. J Jack (Guy) Letter, 1922 (M53)Letter regarding his 1919 book about Kemper County, Mississippi, "Iconoclast." 1 item. Batzka (David) Civil Rights Collection, 1964Informational pamphlets, correspondence, handwritten speech, and slides from Clarksdale, Mississippi. Baucum (Pete Shows) Collection, undated Genealogy research files. Beatty (George) and Heimer (John) Ledger, 1841-1848 (M116)Ledger of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania brickmaking firm, 1 vol. 1780 - 2009Newspaper clippings, printed material, and photos regarding the professional activities of the donor and her sister Dr. Beauregard (Pierre Gustave Toutant) Papers, 1862, 1863 (M237)Documents written by and at the command of General Beauregard in Charleston, South Carolina, 2 items. 1890-1910 (M245)Documents relating to Universalist Church in Mississippi, 2 items. 1800-1970Miscellaneous materials from the Lackey Genealogy Collection. Joyce Ladner, natives of Palmer's Crossing, Mississippi and SNCC Field Secretaries. Lake (Ellen) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M370)Photocopies of correspondence, a magazine article, Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) materials, and other items that document the activities of Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer, Ellen Lake, in Gulfport, Mississippi.

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Dawes (Rufus R.) Letters, 1893 (M30)Letters from Union Brigadier General Dawes concerning the Battle of Gettysburg, 4 items. 1900-1910Memories of life in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .10 Graham's books and other materials pertaining to his career as an author and minister, 4.95 Holgerson (John, PFC) Letter, 1943 (M462)Letter from PFC Holgerson at the Technical Training School at the Army Air Force Technical Training Command at Gulfport Field, Mississippi. Hollandsworth (James G.) Civil War Collection, 1995-2001Typescript of article "What a Hell of a Place to Send 20 Miles: Union Soldiers on Ship Island During the Civil War" and edited manuscript, etc. Joseph) Yellow Fever Address, 1905Address "The Treatment of Yellow Fever" given by Dr. 1898-1940s Historical items relating to Hattiesburg and Camp Shelby, Mississippi and family history, including a souvenir booklet of twenty colored scenic cards commemorating the dedication of the Hattiesburg Municipal Airport (now the Bobby L. Howe (Orville F.) Letter, 1882 (M150)Letter from Howe in response to request of Harper's Weekly for sketches of the War of 1812. The maps portray railroad operations, timber holdings and other aspects of lumber companies that proliferated in South Mississippi during the latter years of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. J., State Detective) Letter, 1905 (M463)Letter from State Detective A. Hoyt to the Chief of Police in Dallas, Texas, asking for help locating an escaped convict, R.

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