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It is unforgettable, and teenagers will be certain to avoid having society go this route that liberals are taking it.Teenagers will be familiar with the terms "Orwellian" and "doublethink" and are sure to be wise enough when liberals start engaging in these activities to call them on it.Part 3 is totally unexpected and is one of nightmarish horror and will knock you out.This book packs a devastating and disturbing punch.However, so many in America would not be familiar and thus warned about the implications of such a program because they have been exposed to mediocre teen lit and insipid multicultural trash instead of great literature from their time in high school and college.

They are embarrassed at how similar their ideal society is to that of this book! This is a dynamite novel by George Orwell that truly is one of the best in the English language. Parts 1 and 2 come across as thrillers whereby the two main protaganists attempt to escape and come to grips with the totalitarian society they are in.

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