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He is the only male player to achieve this unique feat.The Andre Agassi Biography is one of an enormously talented striker of the tennis ball who starts out as a ‘rebel’ but goes on to become one of the most humble and admired role models of the sport committed to charitable work.I'm down there with my dying father and you're up here with Barbra... " Last night, spokesmen for Prince Charles and Miss Streisand refused to comment on the claims in the book.

Eerily, the book reveals that during one date Dodi, in an effort to shake off photographers, told his chauffeur to drive faster but Miss Streisand demanded he slow down saying: "Hey, let's try not to get killed." It also claims that, in March 1993, while Hillary Clinton was away from the White House looking after her dying father in Arkansas, Miss Streisand spent the night at the White House.She serenaded him and teased him about what the headlines would be if they got together.But it was during the prince's trip to Los Angeles, in November that year, that the two allegedly became close after she attended a gala dinner in his honour.And Miss Streisand joked that if she had not been so nervous of meeting him, she might have beaten Diana to be his wife.The book, by Christopher Anderson, says the couple saw each other again in London in April 1994 when she performed for his Prince's Trust charity at Wembley Arena.

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they were quite flustered'." The biography also quotes Princess Diana's friend Lady Elsa Bowker saying: "Diana knew that Charles was infatuated with Miss Streisand.

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