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All attacked the oppressive practices of Christianity and the Inquisition.

Theoretically, they all favored toleration of the Jews and denounced persecution of them, but Voltaire also attacked Jewish “particularism,” stubbornness, perversity, and greed.

Police were called to the site numerous times, and detectives were even investigating reports that victims of child sexual exploitation were using it as a base.

The situation became so bad that Poole council applied for a premises closure order at Poole Magistrates’ Court, which was in force between November 2017 and January this year.

“I was chasing the matter with council officers recently.

Anti-Semitism flourished despite the intellectual liberation of the Enlightenment period.

It was enhanced by nationalistic sentiments in reaction to groups such as the Jews which practiced a culture and spoke a language at variance with the native populations.

West Quay Developments (Poole) will build 291 flats on the site, as well as retail units, car parking, and a quayside walkway.

However, since the units have been lying empty, youths have trashed the complex, smashing windows, throwing furniture from the top floor and daubing walls with graffiti.

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France was the center of the Enlightenment movement and the French philosophes aimed at changing society by applying rational analysis to existing social and political problems.

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