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William Henderson succeeded De Witt Clinton, and was an excellent officer ; but of his personal his- tory I have no knowledge.Elias Hicks served as Master for the space of fourteen years, which were not all successive.

When the names of mighty conquerors shall be but dimly re- membered, that of De Witt Clinton will be as famil- iar as household words, for he came not to destroy but to construct, and the fruit of his labors will be enjoyed by the latest posterity.If there is one thing that can be said about rapper and business mogul 50 Cent, its that if the Queens native has something to say, he is going to speak his mind and it will most likely be on social media.The 42-year-old has made numerous headlines over the past few years for his outspoken nature, often taking to his Twitter and Instagram accounts to express his thoughts, feelings and opinions on current events, celebrity news and what’s going on in his life.On examining the minutes, I have been surprised to see how reg- ularly this wonderful man, whose enterprises were on a scale of grandeur which dwarfed all rivalry, attend- ed the meetings of the Lodge, and devoted himself to its interests.While Master, he omitted the per- formance of no duty, and he still took an active part after he had passed the chair. C," under which are the words " Holland Lodge." On the reverse is the mark, composed of the usual cabalistic letters, and the ducal Clinton crest.

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50, born Curtis James Jackson, has never been known to back down from a fight or curve his opinions for anyone and the New York actor and investor isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

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  1. Unsurprisingly, Hank made a move on me, and I kissed him for a split second before withdrawing abruptly. I sensed that he wanted a puppet more than a girlfriend, and no amount of gifts or pampering could compensate for having to deal with such a controlling person.