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The law made demands for a dowry by the groom's family illegal, as well as public display of dowry before or during the wedding.

However, this and similar anti-dowry laws of 1967, 19, as well as Family Court Act of 1964 have proven to be unenforceable.

The Supreme Court ruled these laws and ordinances unconstitutional.

In Bangladesh, dowry is called joutuk, and a significant cause of deaths as well.

The petitioner cited a number of hadiths under religious Sharia laws to demonstrate that Islam encouraged walima and related customary practices.

Reports of incidents of dowry deaths have attracted public interest and sparked a global activist movement seeking to end the practice.Some publications suggest Pakistan officials do not record dowry deaths, the death rates are culturally under-reported and may be significantly higher.For example, Nasrullah reports total average annual stove burn rates of 33 per 100,000 women in Pakistan, of which 49% were intentional, or an average annual rate of about 16 per 100,000 women.Activists such as SACHET, Pakistan claim the police refuse to register and prosecute allegations of dowry-related domestic violence and fatal injuries.Various military and democratically elected civil governments in Pakistan have tried to outlaw traditional display of dowry and expensive parties (walima).

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