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Sites I reviewed previously no longer exist, but Two Doves is obviously a long time labor of love and sacrifice.It was about the first serious site for Bahá'ís looking for marriage partners rather than just socializing, and still has good information on the Bahá'í concept of marriage and how to prepare for it.Which means there are still too few potential users to make a dedicated Bahá'í dating site profitable--and dating sites are businesses.Most social networking pages offer filtering for personal information, such as gender and religion, and there are a couple owned by individuals who are Bahá'ís.I feel a disclaimer is necessary: be warned that all of these sites collect and maintain extensive personal information, which is a saleable product. Tell your stories about being a Bahá´í or ask a question about the Bahá´í Faith.Social networking is about making money, even if only to support the services. The Internet can certainly widen the scope of your search, but it is best to know what you want as well as what they are offering in order to make the best choices. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. If your not a Bahá´í check us out and learn how we practice our religion and our beliefs.

Never meet a Bahai I didn't like, maybe because there aren't that many, YET!

It has been a couple years since I wrote about this, and there have been changes.

For one thing, there appear to be more sites claiming to serve Bahá'ís.

I love their "every 19 days feasts", and I love all their celebrations.

If you wanna know more about this religion, I suggest you to go to one of their gatherings and talk to a member of Bahai Spiritual Assembly.

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