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The new model – get out/escape, hide and barricade, and fight – is your best chance for survival.These are courses of action recommended by emergency planning experts and police.Get as far away from the situation as you possibly can. That might mean leaving Georgian property altogether.Do not go to your car or attempt to drive off the property. Sometimes it can sound like a firecracker, while other times, it’s more like a pop or loud bang. The sound of gunfire on campus will be out of the ordinary.

These actions may save your life: Violent incidents evolve quickly and are typically over in a matter of minutes.

Although extremely unlikely, the possibility of a violent, life-threatening incident on one of Georgian’s campuses is a reality.

The college has adopted a new lockdown procedure that emphasizes three courses of action: This procedure is recommended by emergency planning experts and police, and is being adopted by many other postsecondary institutions in Canada.

We want you to be ready for the challenges of an emergency situation.

That’s why Georgian will continue to hold regular emergency drills including Lockdown drills throughout the year.

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