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5) Click ‘Edit’ to the right of each creative that you want to submit again 6) A box will pop up with the option to ‘Update Creative’.

(see a picture of it here: Xs5Et0QI7) 7) Click that and your ad will go back to the queue for approval!

Please note the 110x80’s will resize but the 310x110’s must be exactly those dimensions.

Green about what works/doesn’t work: A: Good news -- you can have AS MANY CREATIVES as you want in a single campaign.

A: There is no way to swap out a picture (aka creative) with another one in an ad because the stats for that ad are already there would be associated with your old picture.

For this reason, we offer the ability for you to deactivate the current image (simply check the box next to the green "Active" and it will become “Inactive”) and upload a new ad into the campaign so that your stats for that new ad can start from scratch.

Good news, there’s no need to upload your ads again (unless the change you made was to the creative).

Once you edit an ad you can resubmit it for approval -- no need to re-upload!

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