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within the Small Engines forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. If someone could tell me what this is,would be great. Part# 842890 Kit-Carb Overhaul | Used After Code Date 92040600 Used Before Code Date 94102800 Part# 842891 Kit-Carb Overhaul | Used After Code Date 98062600 Part# 807708 Kit-Carb Overhaul | Used Before Code Date 92040700 Part# 807962 Kit-Carb Overhaul | Used After Code Date 94102700 Used Before Code Date 98062700 It's a over flow hole so the gas don't swamp the crankcase.

The Carb is pouring fuel out small port just above the float bowl, I'm thinking Hey guys. The Carb is pouring fuel out small port just above the float bowl, I'm thinking its just a vent of some kind,with maybe a check valve so the bowl can get air. The engine runs fine, I just started smelling fuel real strong and located the leak,and it's not in a good place to leak it pours right on top of the heat shield for the exhast.

Figured given Sears had been in the business forever that they knew who to source quality mowers from, guess not.

I just finished getting back my mower after its second blown head gasket.

Bought a mower from Lowe's and it ran fine for a couple months.

Prepped it for winter and wouldn't start next summer.

Won't start without doing so and once the filter is dry stops running.

What the ** happened to good quality small engines?

A once great company has now been reduced to cheaply built crap with terrible customer service. Growing up I used to mow the yard with a B&S lawn mower. It lasted almost 25 years without too much trouble.

The lawnmower will start but fails to restart if the engine is warm. The edger stopped starting after 2 times, with new fuel in it. I purchased the first rider lawn mower from Sears, had a Briggs 19HP, it did not even make it to the garage before backfiring bucking and dying. It worked perfectly the first summer/fall but I could not get the thing started at all the next two years. This Spring I tried to do the same thing and that won't even help.

I tried to winterize it but it wouldn't start so I emptied the gas and put it away for the winter. Every time I started it, it would idle, but no driving. Won't start most of the time and when it does start and I stop to empty bag won't start again maybe the next day. Last year as a last resort before throwing it away, I sprayed starter fluid into the filter intake. Two years ago I bought a Troy Bilt pressure washer with the B&S engine.

Wouldn’t start this year so found out pump needed replaced.

After bringing it home and it not staying running we returned it to find out that the gas line was leaking. I also wasted two weekends trying to power wash our house. After contacting Troy Bilt, was told Briggs and Stratton makes the power washer and called them for some kind of apology or compensation. We spent over 0 and hours of aggravation on this piece of equipment for nothing.

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