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Celeb=Bruce_Willis&Celeb2=Lindsay_Lohan funny how when Demi Moore and Bruce Willis split, she went with a guy (Ashton Kutcher) who's 16 years younger than herself.

Originally posted by Cosmic_Beings It's funny how when Demi Moore and Bruce Willis split, she went with a guy (Ashton Kutcher) who's 16 years younger than herself.

A source, who claimed to have watched her write the document, said: 'They were giggling and talking s**t about people in the industry.'It was her personal conquest list.

"They have been trying to keep it a secret," an insider tells E! "They are just getting to know one another," the insider explains, adding that Moore is "in a really good place at the moment and is hopeful about the future." Moore's ex-husband Ashton Kutcher officially filed for divorce last month after a year-long separation.The 50-year-old actor is rumoured to be romancing British beauty Louise Griffiths, 27, and is reportedly so smitten he has offered to fly her out to his Malibu beach home.A friend of the star told Scotland's Sunday Mail newspaper: "Bruce has fallen for Louise hook, line and sinker and she's very flattered with all the attention.personally i think if she did cop off with some1 that old she cud have least put her glasses on first. lolwrong or right, ALL rumors have some sort of truth to them, For instance...18 is bearly an adult and bruce willis is like in his 40s,and that could be considered i seriously doubt she will press charges Originally posted by Legoluv Because! She's a woman, and can do whoever she wants.^ that sig is so much better now - thumbs_up and I dont think you are dumb for liking her,,, I just am wondering WHY!!! ut Originally posted by intercepting_fi is their proof? but anyway..linsey lohan is hot and the guy who called her a skank is a faggit.

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