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Expect to be part of university that is redefining how people view the world while embracing its 150-year-old traditions.Expect opportunities and possibilities you never expected.Changes to the law by the 2018 regular session will be reflected in the 2019 Edition of Oregon Revised Statutes.Because the Acts of the 2018 regular session are not incorporated into the 2017 Edition, examine both the 2017 Edition and the 2018 Oregon Laws for the most up-to-date version of the law.Compared with the May 2012 PHDI map, the June 2012 PHDI map indicates that drought conditions improved in the Southeast, but intensified in the Midwest to Great Plains and much of the West.

What can you expect at The Ohio State University at Newark?

Nationally, the moderate-to-exceptional (D1-D4) drought footprint increased to about 47 percent of the country while the percentage in the abnormally dry to exceptional drought category increased to about 71 percent.

Both of these numbers are records in the 12-year USDM history.

The Z Index and PHDI maps in combination show that precipitation brought relief to parts of the Southeast drought areas, but for much of the rest of the country — drier-than-normal weather persisted over the existing drought areas and wetter-than-normal weather continued over the moist Pacific Northwest.

The Palmer drought indices measure the balance between moisture demand and moisture supply.

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