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They are looking for the rich businessman and foreign men who can afford to stay at the swanky hotels.

They know if a guy is willing to pay 0 on a room he will likely be willing to pay that much or more for some company.

While there is no red light district in Dubai some may consider the nicer hotels to be it.

Take a stroll around the hotel lobby, singles bars, or nightclub if it has one and you are bound to see something you like.

For reference the price for the local currency (AED) is about 3.7 to 1. The nice hotels have pick up bars for many of the hookers and at some of them the hotel staff are involved in setting up the guests with the girls.

They may even be checked into your room from the front desk.

The asking price will continue to go up and up as guys continue to pay it.

As mentioned sometimes these places will be run like a red light district or brothel and the girls can be sent to your room and even checked in at the front desk. George Hotel is a great hotel to stay at if you are hoping to have girls on site to join you for some fun.

Just spend some time in the pick up bar or restaurant and you will see some obvious hookers here.

If you see one you like approach her like a gentleman and strike up a conversation. If she thinks you are a safe guy to go with maybe she will give you a fair price. Any of the best nightclubs in town will have prostitutes in Dubai and not all of them are at the swanky hotels.

Once again they will be freelancers so the price you pay is up to the negotiation.

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