Chinese dating scammers

And also there are people who are really seeking foreign wives, but want to work this out without any cost.

Why not save the money for new furniture or a trip?

Because the free site will not ensure the safety of your personal information.

It seems that no girl there is suitable to develop a stable relationship. So if you want to find true love, do not go to these free dating sites.“We weren't stupid, we were vulnerable.” Her message now is to never give money to someone you’ve never met in real life - and even then, always be cautious.Traditionally speaking, the majority of online dating scams target women (40% of online dating victims are 40-year-old-plus single mothers).Australian Jill Ambrose lost more than 0,000 over four years to a supposed health commissioner in Nigeria. Ambrose was an interior designer, something that the con artist played to.He asked for help in renovating poor hospitals, playing on her compassion and sympathetic outlook on life.

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