Computer froze when updating bios

There was a problem with a Malwarebytes update some time last year, I think, there was some kind of mistake in it.If I remember correctly it didn't crash my computer but more or less stopped it from working.That feature does not, however, seem to conflict with conventional third party AV software.I found in Windows/system32/drivers; it bears today's date.You would be better served if you uninstalled both these utils (you would need to google for their uninstall util and run it, to be properly rid of them) Use what most of us do now, windows defender and windows firewall, better integration and proven security. I agree about two AV systems being in conflict, that is well known.I'm also quite familiar with the tedious process of completely removing one AV system to make room for another.This went ahead in what seemed a normal way until it got to "Flashing ME now, please wait..." That proceeded fairly quickly to 99% - and it has been stuck there now for at least an hour and a half. Have to do a bit of cleanup and backup there, although that laptop holds very few data files not also present on the desktop.

Just yesterday, I updated the BIOS on my Gigabyte motherboard, model is GA-X79-UP4.EDIT - I just ran a scan at the Dell Support site for this computer.It said everything was up to date (including all drivers). You do not get improved security running two AV's, they will conflict with each other and cause system performance and stability issues.The mode on my Dell laptop (same age as the desktop, and nearly identical software outfit) is UEFI.Question arising, did the BIOS upgrade change the BIOS mode on the desktop, and if so, why?

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