Consolidating bird feeders into homemade station

An audience of about 33,000 neuroscientists and media representatives is expected at the conference.

Even after a long day of speech therapy, a stutterer might have no progress to show the next day, but the patient is tired because he or she worked so hard, Goggans said.

Future teachers like Sams will also be able to use these grants to fund hardware and software, other classroom tools, field trips, STEM-focused clubs and other activities.

The scholarships were made possible by contributions from Booz Allen Hamilton, Terremark Worldwide, AFCEA International and several of AFCEA's regional chapters.

Waller Funeral Home of Oxford is in charge of arrangements.“The team plans to include the prosthetic device within a holistic therapy program to better serve the real-life needs of stuttering clients,” he said.About 1 percent of the global population stutters, representing a dramatically underserved population that has few alternatives available for effective long-term treatment.Once a year, the School of Engineering publishes a magazine known as the Ole Miss Engineer. - Drawing on one another’s expertise, a trio of University of Mississippi faculty members from different areas of campus has created a patent-pending device that could change the lives of people who stutter.This full-color magazine is absolutely packed with exciting stories from the past year: highlights, achievements, donors, a letter from the dean, and more. University of Mississippi professors Greg Snyder (left), Paul Goggans and Dwight Waddell conduct tests on a prototype of the prosthetic device they created to help people who stutter speak more fluently. Paul Goggans, an electrical engineering professor, developed the prosthetic device, about the size of a cell phone, with Greg Snyder, associate professor of communications sciences and disorders, and Dwight Waddell, associate professor of health, exercise science and recreation management.

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