Consolidating industries

Cheil Industries' electronic material business started with the company's development in 1996 of EMC.The ECM business unit of Cheil Industries acquired KOSDAQ-listed Ace Digitech in March 2007 and began a polarizing film business, a core component of liquid crystal display [LCD] panels.Cheil Industries began its business by producing textiles since 1954.

Cheil Industries was the first Korean fashion company to introduce the just-in-time[JIT] system as part of its restructuring efforts, considerably enhancing management efficiency through reduced lead time in the manufacturing process.Using our extensive engineering and process development experience, we identify and utilize the best materials and production methods to produce the quality components you need. We're your one-stop supplier for mechanical assembly, precision welding, fabrication and contract assembly work.We provide complete services for small, simple jobs and those that are complex or high volume.Cheil Industries was an affiliate of the Samsung Group.Since its establishment in 1954, Cheil Industries has been a Korean textile firm.

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