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If you get a grey frowny face, it means that you have failed.

The % Sparking Interest determines which face you get.

Additionally, you can gain amity by waving at them via F1 but that it isn’t very energy efficient. NPCs will share knowledge, have additional conversations, give you new quests and even offer you special items via their shop.

If you don’t have a good selection of Knowledge then you can play it safe and use Exit when you feel you have a high enough Amity and rather not take the risk of losing it.In addition, if you do Continuous Interact, it appear to give you extra Amity.If you have the same Zodiac sign as the NPC you will also gain extra Amity.Beware that for items you can purchase when you have reached a certain Amity, you will lose that Amity when you buy the item.Engaging in a conversion with a NPC requires knowledge, which is gained via interacting with other NPCs, killing mobs etc.

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