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On the site, you can enter in how many people are playing, and it spits out a different card for each player. Since peaking in usership in the spring and early summer, Chatroulette has been hemorrhaging traffic, with visits plummeting close to 60% in the US, according to Quantcast.WHO’S THE LAST person you’d expect to meet on Chatroulette?If you guessed Ronaldo, then you’re in for a surprise.So what did the Brazilian player, whose grasp of the English language is understood to be limited, have to say for himself?

We said “hey” to each other, and then South African infrastructure got in the way. As Time magazine’s Dan Fletcher observed last week: “I’ve plumbed the depths of the Web, and one thing I’ve learned is that when you give anyone an open platform with anonymity and no moderating, it inevitably gets overrun by the lowest common denominators: trolls, exhibitionists and an endless stream of hopeful men prodding women to take off their clothes.” Fletcher was responding to an essay in New York magazine by Sam Anderson, who’d written that on first visiting Chat Roulette he’d been primed for a Walt Whitman experience – “ecstatic surrender to the miraculous variety and abundance of humankind.” Sadly, by paragraph three, it was clear he never got it.

“I entered the fray on a bright Wednesday afternoon, with an open mind and an eager soul, ready to sound my barbaric yawp through the webcams of the world. It turns out that Chat Roulette, in practice, is brutal.” Anderson, no doubt, was posturing for effect.

As is relatively well-known by now, Chat Roulette was created last November by a seventeen-year-old Russian named Andrey Ternovskiy: unlike Facebook and Twitter, social media phenomena to which it is sometimes compared, its control mechanisms are primitive.

He added that he was further convinced when one of his friends found another online video of Ronaldo and other Brazil players on Chatroulette.

Remember how recently we mused that Chat Roulette might readily become a good place to interact with friends, rather than freaks? Chat Roulette Bingo, created by Attention USA, is just bingo, but populated by all the freakazoid tropes you’d regularly find on CR.

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The Internet’s new social media phenomenon allows you to chat face-to-face with a random selection of tens of thousands of human beings.

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