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Bouwen said ecumenism is low on the list of priorities for missionaries who work on evangelization in Africa, where Catholicism has seen its greatest rate of expansion over the last couple of decades.

“We are observing it.” Efforts to create Christian unity, or ecumenism, often carry this note of historical sadness.Catholics slaughtered Protestants; Protestants slaughtered Catholics; and both persecuted groups like the Anabaptists, who championed adult rather than infant baptism.Most traditions did not develop their distinctiveness by accident; many religious leaders staked their lives on their particular interpretation of the Bible.Plus, he said, they’re busy evangelizing their particular brand of Christianity.Meanwhile, Christian denominational families continue to fracture.

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The New Testament calls for followers of Jesus to be “completely one.” By Luther’s time, Christianity had been split from East to West as the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches parted ways.

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