Dating an investment banker

While this site has been analyst-focused in the past, today you’re going to learn all about this hierarchy, how much you get paid at each level, how the work differs, the average age range, and the possible exit opportunities.

And if you’re curious about hours please stop reading this site right now.

How You Get In: You either work as an analyst for 3 years and get promoted, or you get recruited out of a top MBA program after working full-time for 3-5 years in another industry.

In a bad year, a 1st year associate might get between 0K and 0K USD all-in, while more senior associates (3rd and 4th years) might get closer to 0K or 0K all-in in a great year.“This is not a fraternity house,” my staffer explained as he hauled me into a small conference room.“Some of the MDs have complained about how messy your desk is, so clean it up.” Genuinely curious, I replied, “Were you referring to the empty Red Bull cans or to all the papers too? I told this story to a few co-workers afterward and they all laughed and responded the same way: They were right – just like a fraternity, there’s hazing, a hierarchy, and certain rituals you must go through to advance.Analysts have the most exit opportunities out of all bankers because they’re young and haven’t had “too much” experience in a certain field yet.What You Do: If the analyst is the monkey, you’re a bigger and better-groomed monkey who’s much smoother in social situations.

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