Dating and head games

The Heads Up Forehead Game is a guessing game that requires some serious communication skills as you try to help your spouse guess the card that is on their forehead.

So don't just wink, or write "nice profile." Personalize your message.

The point is awarded to the guessing player for each word they guess correctly.

Choosing a user name starting with a letter appearing earlier in the alphabet is just one scientifically vetted way to increase the odds of turning an online encounter into a first date. And when filling in your profile, keep in mind the golden 70/30 ratio: 70 percent stuff about you, 30 percent what you're looking for.

Christopher Intagliata reports So it's Valentine's Day. Well, if you happened to be combing through the scientific literature for inspiration, you might just find it—in the form of a, quote, "systematic review on converting online contact into a first date." In other words, scientific ways to up your online dating game. A profile all about you might come across as self-absorbed.

The review is in the journal ] Some of these "evidence-based" tactics are obvious. As for photos, previous studies suggest a genuine smile and a slight head tilt will boost your appeal.

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