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Production of the bike began in April of 1895 and it was an immediate success with orders quickly exceeding production capacity.In October of 1895 a retail store was opened in Paris to sell the bike to the public.Wishful thinking by their marketing department I suppose.

Interestingly, perhaps preceding the folding bicycle, was the folding tricycle since there are a few references to them dating from the 1880's from such companies as Bayliss Thomas in England and The Pope Manufacturing Company in the U. Englishman William Grout is often given credit for inventing the first folding bike in 1878 but from most accounts, his bicycle (a penny-farthing design pictured below) had a folding front wheel and a frame that disassembled. on September 16, 1887 and it was issued on February 21, 1888.

Drawings from the Latta folding bike patent are shown below. The first folding tandem bicycle was probably invented by Julien Simon and Victor Dussault, both of Paris, France.

Another early documented invention of a folding bike is by an American, Michael B. In their patent application dated May 10, 1895 they described a regular folding bike that could be converted into a folding tandem with the addition of another frame and connecting parts. Quite a few historical texts claim that the French military invented the first folding bike.

While looking for help to fix the design flaws he was introduced to Charles Morel. Morel showed his prototype bike to Gérard and suggested that he meet with one of his mechanics named Dulac and get his help in perfecting a working folding bike design. 5, 1894 Charles Morel and Lieutenant Gérard entered into an agreement to manufacture and commercialize a folding bike.

Morel would finance and oversee the manufacturing and Gérard would promote it.

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First things first though, you can't have a folding bike without the invention of the bicycle itself.

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