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Remember, it took only about 65 years (1903-1969) to go from one rickety plane barely able to get off the ground to putting a man on the MOON!So this can lead to some odd moments for those who grew up watching certain things go from "absolutely essential" to "taking up space in your basement".To clarify, an excellent example would be a scene in a 1995 episode of where Chandler gleefully describes all the awesome features of the brand-new laptop that he has received from his company.Then, it really was pretty impressive, the joke being that he'd just be using it to play computer games and type out lists.A related and increasingly common source of humor shows down-on-their-luck characters as only able to afford the kind of older technology found in thrift stores today.Additionally, shows set in the past will often lampshade this for humor.Type in the name, city, state, law firm, or law school of members you want to find.

Uppercase and lowercase characters do not affect your search results.But There was a time when these specifications would be mockingly contrasted with a then modern counterpart.However, technology has moved on so far and so fast that Chandler's computer is now unimaginably primitive; these days, even a smartphone is several times more powerful than that in every way, while fitting in the user's pocket and costing considerably less than he would have spent.Results will be listed alphabetically by last name, then first name.This Web site is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other jurisdictions.

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  1. We have two wonderful sons and although we stuck It out, our marriage had some issues, she had borderline personality disorder and would often be very angry with me and just flat out mean.