Dating doulton lambeth pottery

The Chelsea factory was started in the town of that name by Nicholas Sprimont who, up until then, had been one of the Huguenot silversmiths in London.

Right from the very start Sprimonts glassy type of porcelain was aimed at the upper classes and so only a very small amount of underglaze blue decorated Chelsea is found.

The earliest items made were of a glassy paste but some bone ash was added about 1758 around the early years of the gold anchor period.

Marks can generally be relied on but quite a lot of “gold anchor” marked pieces fakes or copies are seen.

Nicholas Sprimont did not always enjoy good health and the factory was sold, eventually, to James Cox in 1769 and the some eight months later to William Duesbury of Derby fame.

It was replaced in the 18th century by refined stonewares, salt-glazed stoneware, fine earthenwares, creamware and pearlware, made mainly in Staffordshire, the heart of the English porcelain industry.John Dwight established a factory at Fulham in 1671 and tests from excavated shards found at the site revealed a glassy type of porcelaneous material.However, it seems firing and glazing difficulties prevented full commercial production.Wares were still made at Chelsea and some may have been decorated at Derby.Marks during this times include a gold anchor, an intertwined anchor and D and a crown and anchor.

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