Dating in greek life

Fraternities and Sororities take a huge hit when they have to pay for pledging lawsuits, lose prospects to other organizations and members drop off after graduation to skip Grad Chapter all together.

Businesses run off of 3 things: their reputation, their employees and their consumers. At the end of the day, the most importantly, keep yo business to yoself!

But that same kind of caution should be used for other aspects of our lives as well ( fighting, gossiping, promiscuity – no shade, etc). Every “tradition” that’s deemed permissible may not be appropriate. We have a responsibility to represent our founders and their mission to full capacity and the best of our ability. Along with our dues and fundraising efforts, collectively, they help us keep our organizations afloat.

Each suspension, expulsion, sub-par academic standing, hazing incident, petty politicking, and negative perception of any member, chapter or organization hurts our pockets.

If it feels right for both of us, we start a friendship that may very well end up in being brothers for life.

Even though your process dictates HOW you start, it does not DEFINE how you continue to leave your mark. The meat of our existence is based on you making an even stronger presence after your probate mask comes off.If employees are displaying a poor image of what the organization represents, the reputation of the brand becomes tainted and undesirable, thus resulting in a digression of potential members, sponsors, investors, etc. Don’t go talking your business to people outside of your chapter.The more damaging the reputation- the more costly it is for your organization. Hell, there might be people inside your chapter who can’t hold water. They might be great people, they just have a big mouth. You don’t want your organization’s discrepancies seeping onto the yard for the world to see.Most fraternities and sororities gain new members by a process called “rush” – a meet and greet whirlwind of a week that’s sort of like speed dating where neither party really gets a chance to know the other.At Phi Delta Theta, we prefer not to use the word “rush,” exclusively because we don’t feel anyone should be rushed into a decision that’s this important.

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