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So boys, if you do have a punjabi girlfriend, or are even in the early stages of your courtship with her, read these points to appreciate the positive qualities about Punjabi women that most other women might not have. Not only is your woman a foodie, she doesn't have hang ups about dieting or calories (neither does her family). It just means that she's a strong girl, she won't give up easily and it will take a lot to break her down from within.10. She's going to be straight forward with you, so forget beating around the bush.11. She's going to shower you with gifts and love. The food, daru, music, along with the auncles and aunties, is always a grand event. Not to stereotype anybody, and with all respect to women, Punjabi women have curves, and it's something that they ARE, and SHOULD BE, very proud of!And even if you have a Punjabi girl who's just a friend, well, this applies to her as well.1. Butter chicken, butter naan, sarson da saag and maki di roti, hayyeee! Money for them is not a priority, love and care is.12. (No, this is Not a reference to the Punjabi wedding shown in 2 states) And since somebody or the other is always getting married in their family, your girl will make sure she takes you to such a celebration.15. Kudi Saturday, Saturday kr di rendi hai Your girl loves to let her hair loose and party like there's no tomorrow.13. Hi this is Manveen Gill, i was born in Jalandhar Cantt. My personality: Folks tell me I'm a beautiful person, but i believe it is the inner beauty of a person that matters the most.The people who want to date different women through Quack Quack feels very comfortable as they are free to speak their hearts out to the stranger whom they are meeting in our site.

Dating in Punjab has become very popular to meet new people and friends online. Though the people of Punjab are very fun loving and are outgoing yet they are very conservative and rigid and do not support dating.To maintain myself i am very religious on walking and yoga.I also enjoy cooking, thus i can cook a decent meal too.. If you are seeking for new friendship, relationship and love, Waplog is the best online dating site to flirt and date and the best platform to friend a friend. Waplog is the best social network to meet new people.

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