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In Mexico City there are women-only buses and special sections for women on the subway.

Maybe for some people, this doesn’t seem like much of a privilege, but let me give you the example of Turkey where women in public transport are constantly being abused and nobody is trying to protect them in any way.

Also, Mexican men are very caballerosos, meaning that they always open the door for women, pick them up before the date/meeting, and usually pay for everything.Like any developed state, it offers plenty of modern hotels, houses, and exclusive restaurants.On the other hand, the gap between poor and rich is quite big – while some households have a maid and a driver, most others don’t even have enough to live on.Mexico is a big country, therefore the weather varies.Some zones are indeed perpetually hot, but in some areas it even snows sometimes.

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When in a different state from the one you live in, your phone is practically always roaming.

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