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Some people tried to take advantage of this fact and imported cheap rough from other mines around the world to sell them as Austrian emeralds.

Due to the identical geologic environment especially the emeralds from the Tokowaya mine near Sverdlovsk in the Russian Urals were used to imitate Austrian specimens.

Here is another interesting difference to international emerald market: all cut and polished emeralds from Habachtal are sold for triple (Poor qualities) to quadruple (The best gems) the price of comparable Colombian material.

These high prices are paid by European collectors, one can compare that to the similar situation in other gemstone deposits, for example the Blue Sapphires of Montana, USA.

The first world war (England and Austria were opponents) set an end to that profitable mining period.

These assumptions are, although based on evidence, not yet proven.

Plinius the elder reports that there are three sources for emeralds.

Besides the Egyptian mines of Cleopatra near Marsa - Alaam and the ones in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border region, he writes of emeralds "in the mountains of the Scyths".

The Treasure of Vaise, discovered in 1992 consists of different objects (like coins that made it possible to exactly date the find) including a set of earrings and a necklace of gold with polished emerald crystals. Square emerald cabochon mounted into the Holy French Crown has proven to be of Habachtal origin.

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