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However, QI has not located the quotation under investigation in the writings of Burke. The same quotation with an ascription to Batbie appeared in volume five of the “La Grande Encyclopédie” which was published circa 1888.

Details are given further below in the 1936 citation.

Within the context of these sayings the terms “républicain”, “socialist”, and “liberal” were all on the left of the political spectrum. Quote Investigator: The earliest evidence located by QI appeared in an 1875 French book of contemporary biographical portraits by Jules Claretie.

Political terminology has changed over time, and it differs in distinct locales.

In 2013 the political scientist Corey Robin wrote an engaging article in “The Chronicle Review” that discussed the perplexity of wrongly attributed statements and used the quotation being examined here as an example of the problem.

In conclusion, the earliest citation located by QI points to Anselme Batbie as the creator of this saying.

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Below are additional selected citations in chronological order.

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