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In other cases, there was virtually no foreskin covering the glans, very much like a cut penis. My husband had a fairly long foreskin which would extend over the glans even when fully erect.Of course, it could be easily pulled back and I particularly liked to do that during foreplay.This is not a bulletin board, and is not open to discussions about the posted articles.If you want to join a discussion group we recommend the Yahoo group Intercirc - we have no formal connection but both have ancestry in the now long defunct Circlist group.Once or twice, I discussed that with him, suggesting we should hold his foreskin back during intercourse. While I was away visiting my parents, my husband secretly decided to go for circumcision as an outpatient.On my return, ten days later, he found some good excuses for not making love for a few days.Nevertheless, we would really like to have a broader picture.Women's views are particularly welcome, and this discussion will be kicked off with some posts from the archives and from other internet sources.

We understand that these will help many other men considering this issue.And you absolutely do NOT need to send photos of your private parts!So, please send in your contributions to [email protected] down for the latest male contribution.' or those rumours about how Taylor Swift broke up with Harry Styles because he was 'uncut? It sounds ridiculous but for some of us, the struggle is so real.My first serious boyfriend who I lost my virginity to was Muslim and unbeknownst to teenage me, Islam is the largest religious group to circumcise boys so my first ever experience of a penis was unknowingly with one that had been snipped. I'm talking marathon sessions since circumcised boys can last longer.

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