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I understand our method is to side step any pre-conceived pick up lines, so I ask that you take what I'm about to tell you as guidelines for your next voice messages.Remember, no one knows you better than yourself, so leave avoice messagethat pertains to your own creativity and voice.The Conference Programme covers 8 themes and includes oral session, poster exhibitions and scientific excursions (half day boat-trips and post-conference trips). Oral session (Commission or Special session) may consist of 3-6 presentations.In case of three or four presentations within one time slot, each report should be scheduled for 20 minutes, a discussion may be held afterwards or at the end of a session.The files should be delivered to the volunteers responsible for a given lecture room.It is recommended to install presentations in advance to avoid any technical problems.If you call and you sound like a sad depressed ogre, then that's the vision she'll have in her head.

But, by leaving a strong message, you're basically saying that "I'm not here to play games" & "I'm confident that you will call me back." 3.If the voice message is memorable / funny / awesome, there is a high chance she'll save it on her phone.You don't know how many girls I've been with who have told me that they still keep my voice message and listen to it when they need a quick laugh. It's fun to do for yourself because you have free rein to be as creative as you want with your voice message.The pause creates a sense of curiosity for the person listening, and they're more likely to want to hear more.Try it yourself by recording a fake voice message and listen to how pausing helps.

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