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: The Parts of a Vina 101 The ^^Four Causes” in the Bhagavad Gita 415 Review of Barua’s Gaya and Buddha-Gayu 191 Review of Mus’ Barabudur 336 ♦ Review of Garratt’s (ed.) The Legacy of India 426 Review of Sri Ramakrishna Centenary Committee’s The Cul- tural Heritage of India 426 Dubs, H. The officials refused to suggest any of them for the throne, and the Empress Dowager, on her own motion, appointed one of these babies as Emperor. The Emperor Hui had had only this one son, although the Empress Dowager had enfeoffed siz other babies on the pretense that they were his sons. : Wen Ta-Ya, the First Recorder of T^ang History , . : Review of Coomaraswamy’s Elements of Buddhist Iconography and La Sculpture de Bodhgayd 115 Review of Sastri’s Indian Pictorial Art as developed in Booh’ illustrations 118 Bt JRROWS, M,: The Complaint of Laban’s Daughters 259 Carl, J. This Han custom was expressed most forcibly after the death of the Empress Dowager nee Lii. was a matter all done after discussion with the great officials, announcement, and informa- tion to the vassal kings. But the officials, by refusing to suggest him, had dis- claimed responsibility for him, and, when the Empress Dowager died, they selected a son of Kao-tsu as the new emperor and killed the boy whom the Empress Dowager had put on the throne. He had his soldiers who had died in battle enshrouded and encoffined and sent home to be buried at official expense. He granted general amnesties on all appropriate occasions.

At the surrender of the Chfin king, he was careful to be generous and indulgent and to avoid plundering the people. - - Review of Monte Ps Ghoi(V de Proverbs, Dictons, Maccimes et Pensees de Hopkins, C. At first it seems to have been confined to the enfeoffment of the emperor’s sons, but later it was extended to most important matters, so that the standard practice in exacting an administrative measure came to be that some official or group would memorialize the Emperor concerning what they thought should be done, and the Emperor approved the suggestion. K.: Review of Ibn-al-Fura Ps Ta'rlhh — — ' — Review of al-Suli’s Kitdh al~Awrfiq Review of Rustum’s The Royal Archives of Egypt, and the O^'ighis of the Egyptian Eacpedition to Syria 1831-18ffl . • — — Review of al-Balahui*i^s Ansdh al-Ashrdf • Review of Grousse Ps Histoire des Croisades, et du Eoyaume frayic de Jerusaletn. II: Monarchic Erangue, et Moyiarchie Musulmane, UEquilihre Review of Ruska’s Das Buch der Alaiine und Salze Review of Pare Ps Ziir Frauenfrage in der aralisch-islamischen Welt Review of Hamidullali’s Documents sur la Diplomatic Musul- mane a V Epogue du Proph^te et des Fhalifes Orthodos Des . Yet this practice, that the Emperor should act only at the sug- gestion of others, became a real check upon absolutism. He con- tinued the practice of giving the representatives of the people the position of San-lao, and had them advise the officials so that the people would have a direct voice in government. Plano-convex Bricks POEBEL, A.: The Root Forms si(m) and sun(in) "to give,’’ in Sumerian The City Aktab Price, I. He exempted from taxes those people who had been too heavily burdened in furnishing the armies with supplies, and granted his soldiers various and increasing exemptions.

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NOEMAN BROWi T University of Pennsylvania ASSOCIATE EBITORS SHRYOCK Philadelphia, Pa, University of Pennsylvania PUIHJSHED BY THE AMERICAN ORIENTAL SOCIETY Address, oare of YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, U. FURST COMPANY, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Abboct, N. Hot until 150 was there The Attitude of Han Kao-Tsu to Confucianism 175 an imperial cliancellor who had not been a follower of Kao-tsu, and then it was Chon Ya-fu, the son of Kao-tsn^s General Chou P'o, who had also been chancellor under Emperor Wen.

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