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The mission of the Academy is to empower people with the social skills, emotional intelligence, and dating strategies to find greater happiness and fulfillment in life. To equip people with proven solutions and systems for achieving success in their social lives, dating lives, and love lives. Coaching for over a decade, with tens of thousands of clients spanning the globe — Dr. Tian is one of the most experienced and sought after dating coaches in the world. With fellowships from Harvard, Princeton, Michigan, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and many others, Dr. 170 – When You think You Can’t Compete With The Other Guy 2.

He'll go through his awkward phase on television—and I'm going to be there to help him along the ride.

True success in dating and relationships can only come from a foundation of confidence in who you are and what you stand for in life.

A man’s attractiveness is directly related to his level of self-fulfillment.

In the pantheon of small-screen hunks, David Walton is making a bid for big-time status with his new role on NBC's 'About a Boy', where he's creating the archetypal female fantasy: the bad guy who changes. You'd be heartbroken to lose this show because it's so fun to shoot.

Does the hot jerk EVER actually undergo personal growth thanks to the domesticating influence of a kooky, unique woman (that would be Minnie Driver) and her cute kid? I'd seen the movie when it came out but I avoided it before shooting the show. Related: The 14 Celebrity Guys We Want to See on Tinder I have no experience yet with that. I have two small children, so I don't have to lie, but I never did that in my life.

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They slowly let you in, as opposed to showing you how wonderful they are from the start. The instinct is sometimes to pretend you're greater than you are, and I always kind of went the other way.

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