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This worked fine for the first user control cause databinding was triggered on Page_Load but for the secon one the databidning took place later on so the condition not to add the buttons to the control tree set in. So in its datasource's selecting..control hi, i am using the ajax tabs control. Thanks This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights....The simple solution was to always add the buttons to the control tree and then check on Pre_render if the visaibility had to be set to false. You can't bind a Calendar But I am using a Data Set to color-code day cells on the Day Render event I got it using Response. everything is working fine except the server side event. Regular control does not fire event when it is placed in custom control.Why doesn't it remember that it was in edit mode during the update postback? I also tried manually specifying an On Item Updating value as you described but it still does not fire. This works except that this code sits within a user control that is actually loaded as part of the postback to the parent page, so Page.Is Post Back is always true when the Init for the Details View is called.The standard Command Field column control has been used in Details View to provide Edit - Update/Cancel buttons and that all wo...Selecting event fires before control event Hi, My problem is as follows. Selected Value; Now the problem is that Selected Value still contains the previous value, i think because the datasource loads it's data before the control is updated. How to fire Initialize row event of Grid view which is present in User control Hello All I have created a user control in which I have a gridview control.

The Initialize Row method is used to initialize a row in the Grid View control and it is called by Grid View control internally. But you can create a custom control which extends the Grid View control and intercept its Initialize Row ... Button control event not firing on a wizard control? On one of the wizardsteps, I have a button control and the server side click event will not fire! When detailsview is loaded I want to display some in the textbox.

How can I distinguish the initial load from subsequent ones? If the data binding does not happen again, does the server just keep loading the data for subsequent postbacks from View State? The Mode Changing and Init events fire because they specify a Handles clause.

The Item Updating event also specifies a similar Handles clause, but it still does not fire.

If it's bound via Linq Data Source, Sql Data Source or Object Data Source I suggest you have a look at the Updating Event.

There you have access to the object via the Event Args. New Object or something like that You can cast this property into the corresponding type and make your changes.

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I also dynamically create the Update Parameters when the user clicks an Update button.

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