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Married less than 24 hours, they were heading off on their honeymoon.Costa Francisco, sitting next to the pilot, was going on vacation with his family.And he said, 'Ozzie, they said everybody's alive and - and on the water. Back at the crash site, there had been a tragic turn of events.Andre and Elisia were in their life jackets, and their mother, Diane, was floating next to them.But the effort suddenly became personal when he saw the passenger list, which included the names of Parker's daughter, Diane Diaz, and three of his grandchildren – Andre, Elisia and Diante."The inspector came and put his arm on my shoulder.Only six miles from the island, the Cessna crashed into the water."It felt like three car wrecks," recalls Costa. I said, 'We gotta get outta here.'" Donyelle and Walt, followed by the Franciscos and the pilot, escaped through the cockpit hatch. And you would swallow salt water." Making matters even worse, only four of the 10 people got out of the plane in life jackets."Because the plane bounced three times in rapid succession.""It was the most awesome sound and force that I've ever felt in my life," recalls Walt. At the same time, Diane Diaz, her two children and her niece, got out through the exit door. There were no helicopters on Abaco Island, so the emergency call came in to the Coast Guard Air Station in Miami.

At in the afternoon, five adults and four children boarded Air Sunshine flight 502 in Ft.At the same time, we were trying to get the cabin of the aircraft ready," says rescue swimmer Ryan White, who tried to prepare for what lay ahead.Adding to the crew's concern was the knowledge that it would take more than 80 minutes to get to the crash site - 170 miles away."We had basically enough fuel to get out there, stay on the scene for about 10 to 15 minutes, then have to go to Freeport to refuel," says Jackson, who knew they'd have to work quickly in order to rescue the survivors. Ossie Parker, a reservist with the Royal Bahamas Police Force, got the news and rushed to the Treasure Cay Airport to help organize rescuers.Harris's clinical interests include Preventive Medicine and Wellness.I gave the rating of 4 because the item I chose wasn't available. I am very satisfied with the quality of the piece I received.

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"She is face-down, holding onto the young children. Diane Diaz was dead, her niece, Diante, was missing, and her two young children were all alone.

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