Form validating event not firing

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My only beef is that to take online payments you need to use the pro version. I paid the one year single licence and get access to the online forum which works great. Hello, Is it possible to add the search / filter on top of event categories ?

Pro adds even more features too, but I think they might be missing the market by not having a lite version that just supports paypal for a price point that is less than the very full featured Pro license. I almost lost hope, as a none technical Word Press user I don’t look forward to css file editing, and php file adding. I was able to get it running on my multisite install, and WPML compatible. And I will purchase the pro version just to support this great plugin. There is no settings to allow it on those category pages.

Events Manager works like any standard Word Press plugin, and requires little configuration to start managing events.

If you get stuck, visit the our documentation and support forums.

{"grid.distance":"Distance","SMALL":"Small","":"Subject","":"Sportstats Claim Correction","id.message":"The race you are looking for does not exist.Please try again at a later time.","edit.profile.title.1":"dit","edit.profile.title.0":"E","athletes":"Athletes","corporate.header":"Let us know about any issues or requests you may have.Our team will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible.Whenever installing or upgrading any plugin, or even Word Press itself, it is always recommended you back up your database first!Events Manager works like any standard Word Press plugin, and requires little configuration to start managing events. I like that it does allow me to do a substantial amount of customization without having to know how to do any coding.

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