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If an issue affects a specific country or countries, please remember to label it with the corresponding flag using the country flag template.Analysts from the International Energy Agency found that in 2017, despite a massive boom in the oil and gas industry of the United States, that country led the world in reducing carbon emissions, alongside Japan and Mexico, while most other countries saw an increase in emissions.On the first day of President Trump's tour, things did not start well.He is declared a Fascist in Parliament by Dennis Skinner, drives past a 1000-strong protest, and personally offends Theresa May by saying no to a UK-US trade deal and supports Boris Johnson as a potential challenge to her authority in an interview with The Sun (she's already facing a possible No Confidence vote so that's definitely an insult).In Newry, poppy wreaths were thrown into the river.The DUP; Sinn Féin and SDLP have already condemned the violence.Following his meeting with NATO, President Trump now demands that all member countries pay 4% of their GDP, despite most members consistently failing to reach even 2%.

I suffer with severe atrophy and the symptoms that accompany that.

The founder of a Russian pro-gun organsation with close connection to the NRA, Mariia "Maria" Butina has been charged by the Department of Justice in spying for the Russian government in the United States.

Sectarian violence continues to gain traction in Northern Ireland, as a gang of up to 15 masked teenagers partially burn down a school for children with special needs in East Belfast in what PSNI is investigating as a hate crime.

In reality, while it is true that Germany imports 50%-75% of her natural gas from Russia, natural gas comprises less than 20% of Germany's energy mix.

Continuing his pattern of pardoning people who shouldn't be pardoned, Trump pardons Ranchers Dwight And Steven Hammond.

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