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At the finish I totalled up how much memory the program would need. A short time later I was the proud owner of a Vic 20, an affordable colour computer with a full keyboard and the option of extra memory and disk drives, I proceeded to add everything possible. After five years somewhere around three million units are now in circulation.My dream system had 27.3K free when you powered up. Home computing seems to have become divided between tlie 100% games ma- chines and true home computers.Thanks for sending in that one, Dan, have you siill got your Vic 20?Gary Mc Sweeney, Warwick Gaetiens and Christopher Eade were all busy soak- ing up Channel Nine's movie The Rachel Papers when he spoiled an Amiga 500, 10 external drive.II P« f «M5 PI f 1 tl Itt Floor, J57 Hi Kthom Rosd, Ciulfitld Noith.

Easy-to-Install SIMM memory modules for configurations up to 8MB— and support Bridge Board users with the 6MB FAST RAM. Remember if the GVP Factory Installed seal shown in this ad isn't on your A2000 HC8 /52Q, 105Qor200box ...On screen ACAR4 the Amiga showed oii Baltk Chess, with assorted animations shown during the movie.Viewers also saw digitised im- ages of girls melt from a database as die star of the movie gradually eliminated prospects.Of course, if you want to really put an Amiga to work you'll need a monitor, external drive, extra RAM and a few hundred dollars' wordi of software, MS-DOS machines are now compet- itive with this total price. We would like to hear from Amiga owners - especially those who use a different computer during the day, or own a games console which they use less.There are rumours this situation will improve soon, however it had better happen fast. Send us a postcard or letter today with your suggestions on how to make the Amiga a more popular choice.

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Thanks everyone for your let- ters, Robert Carter was among several who spotted the Amiga in the September 17th edition o£Beyond2000.

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