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It has not in view the splendid folly of making conquests, but only the prevention of their neighbors from conquering. It has not been without some difficulty that liberty has been established in England, and the idol of arbitrary power has been drowned in seas of blood; nevertheless, the English do not think they have purchased their laws at too high a price.

The English are jealous not only of their own liberty, but even of that of other nations. Other nations have shed as much blood; but then the blood they spilled in defence of their liberty served only to enslave them the more.

That for which the French chiefly reproach the English nation is the murder of King Charles I., a prince who merited a better fate, and whom his subjects treated just as he would have treated them, had he been powerful and at ease. defeated in a pitched battle, imprisoned, tried, sentenced to die in Westminster Hall, and then beheaded; and, on the other, the emperor Henry VII.

poisoned by his chaplain in receiving the sacrament; Henry III.

Taken from the 21 volume 1901 edition of the Complete Works, this is an early work by Voltaire of social and political analysis.

The English are the only people on earth who have been able to prescribe limits to the power of kings by resisting them, and who, by a series of struggles, have at length established that wise and happy form of government where the prince is all–powerful to do good, and at the same time is restrained from committing evil; where the nobles are great without insolence or lordly power, and the people share in the government without confusion.Marius and Sulla, Cæsar and Pompey, Antony and Augustus, did not draw their swords against one another to determine whether the flamen should wear his shirt over his robe, or his robe over his shirt; or whether the sacred chickens should both eat and drink, or eat only, in order to take the augury.The English have formerly destroyed one another, by sword or halter, for disputes of as trifling a nature.Unless otherwise stated in the Copyright Information section above, this material may be used freely for educational and academic purposes. Between two servants of Humanity, who appeared eighteen hundred years apart, there is a mysterious relation.* * * * Let us say it with a sentiment of profound respect: JESUS WEPT: VOLTAIRE SMILED.

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