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Enjoying the clink of chains in skin can be a sign that you are mentally balanced Enjoying the clink of chains in skin can be a sign that you are mentally balanced BDSM aficionados also scored lower than the general public on rejection sensitivity, a measure of how paranoid people are about others disliking them.

People in the BDSM scene reported higher levels of happiness in the past two weeks than people outside it, and they said they felt more secure in their relationships.

Felter Feme Fence Fence Viewer Fender Smith Fent Dealer Ferator Feroner Ferreter Ferryman Ferur Festitian Fettler Feuar Fever Fewster Fewterer Feydur Beater Fictor Fiddler Field Master Figure Painter Figurer File Cutter Filibuster Filler Fine Drawer Finisher Fire Beater Fireman Fireworker First Hand Fiscere Fish Curer Fish Fag Fish Hawker Fish Porter Fishmonger Fishwife Fitter Flagger Flagger and Tiler Flasher Flat Knocker Flatman Flatware Maker Flauner Flax Dresser Flax Heckler Flax Retter Flax Scutcher Flaxman Flesher Fleshewer Fleshman Fletcher Flint Miller Flinter Floater Floatman Flower Painter Flowerer Flowering Muslin Flusherman Fly Coachman Fly Forger Fly Maker Fly Master Fly Proprietor Flying Stationer Flyman Fogger Foister Foisterer Foot Maiden Foot Post Foot Straightener Footboy Footman Footpad Foreman Forestarius Forester Forgeman Forger Forkner Form Fitter Fossetmaker Founder Fower Fowler Foyboatman Framar Frame Spinner Framer Framework Knitter Franklin Freebooter Freedman Freeholder Freeman Freemason French Polisher Freshwaterman Friar Frieser Friezer Fringemaker Fripper Fripperer Friseur Fritter Frobisher Fruiterer Fruitestere Fueller Fulker Fuller Fulling Miller Fumigator Funambulist Funeral Coachman Furbisher Furnace Tender Furnaceman Furner Furnisher Furrier Fustian Cutter Fustian Loom Jobber Fustian Weaver Fuyster Gabeler Gaffer Gaffman Gager Gamekeeper Gamester Ganger Gangsman Ganneker Ganter Gaoler Garcifer Garlekmonger Garthman Gas Fitter Gas Maker Gas Manager Gas Stoker Gasser Gater Gatherer Gatherer’s Boy Gatward Gauger Gaunter Gaveller Gelder Gentleman Gentry Geometer Getter Gerund Grinder Ghillie Gigger Gilder Gillie Gimler Ginerr Ginny Ginny Tenter Ginour Girdler Glass Coachman Glassewryght Glassman Glazier Glover Gloveress Goat Carriageman Gobar Gold Beater Gold Smith Gong Farmer Gong Scourer Gongfermor Gongfermour Gooseherd Gorseman Grace Wife G. Graffer Grainer Granger Graver Grazier Grecher Greengrocer Greensmith Greenwich Barber Greenwich Hospital Pensioner Grey Cloth Dealer Grieve Grimbribber Grinder Grocer Groom of the stool Groom Porter Groover Groundsel and Chickweed Seller Guilderer Guinee Pig Gummer Gun Filer Gun Percussioner Gun Stocker Gynour Gyp Haberdasher Hacker Hackler Hackman Hackney Man Haft Presser Haggler Hair Weaver Hairman Halberd Carrier Halberdier Half Timer Halter Hammerman Hand Handler Handmaid Handseller Hanger-on Handwoman Handyman Hansard Happer Harlot Harmer Beck Harness Maker Harper Hat Blocker Hat Furrer Hatcheler Hatter Hawker Haymonger Hayrester Hayward Headborough Headsman Headswoman Heald Knitter Healder Heck Maker Heckler Heddle Manufacturer Heddler Hedge Looker Hedger Heelmaker Hellier Helper-up Hemp Heckler Henchman Hensman Henter Herald Hetheleder Hewer Higgler High Sheriff Highwayman Hillier Hind Hinxman Hired Man Hobbler Hobler Hodsman Hog Reeve Hoggard Holder Up Holer Hollow Ware Presser Hollow Ware Squeezer Holloware Worker Holster Hoofer Hooker Hooking Machine Operator Hoop Shaver Hooper Horner Horse Capper Horse Courser Horse Hair Curler Horse Hair Dealer Horse Knave Horse Leech Horse Marine Horseman Horser Horsler Hosier Hostelier Hosteller Hostler Hot House Man Hotpresser House Boy House Girl House Joiner House Wright Housekeeper Howdy Wife Hoyman Huckster Huffler Huissher Huissier Huntsman Hurdleman Hurdler Hurrier Husbandman Hush Shopkeeper Huxter Labourer Lace Drawer Lace Man Lace Master Lace Mistress Lace Runner Lace Woman Ladle Liner Lady’s Maid Lady’s Tailor Lagger Lagraetman Laird Lairman Lairsman Lamp Exhauster Lamp Trimmer Lamplighter Landing Waiter Lapidary Lappet Maker Lardner Laster Lath Renderer Lath Splitter Latten Smith Lattener Lattouner Laundress Lavender Law Clerk Layer Lead Miner Leather Currier Leatherman Leavelooker Lederer Leech Legerdemainist Legger Leghorn Presser Leightonward Lengthsman Letter Carrier Letter Founder Letterpress Printer Licensed Messenger Licensed Victualler Lighterman Lime Burner Limner Linen Draper Linener Liner Linkerboy Linkman Linman Lister Lithographer Litster Little Sister of the Poor Litterman Liveryman Loader Loblolly Boy Lock Keeper Machine Boy Machine Breaker Machine Man Maderer Maid Mail Agent Mail Guard Majolica Maker Maker Maker-Upper Male-Maker Mallender Malster Maltster Manchester Warehouse Man Manciple Mangle Keeper Mangle Woman Mangler Mango Mantle Cutter Mantle Maker Mantua Maker Marble Polisher Marbler Marescallus Marine Rope Dealer Marine Store Dealer Mariner Mark Maker Market Carrier Marksman Marl Grinder Marshall Marshman Mashmaker Mashrudder Mason Masser Master Master Lumper Master Mariner Match Maker Matchet Forger Matchet Mounter Matchgirl Mather Mawer Mealman Mechanic Medicus Melder Mender Mendicant Mercator Mercer Metal Man Meterer Milestone Inspector Militia Man Milker Mill Scavenger Miller Miller’s Carman Milliner Millwright Millwright Apprentice Millwright Supervisor Milner Mine Captain Mint Maker Mint-master Mise Gatherer Mocado Maker Modeller Molitor Mondayman Monger Monthly Nurse Moocher Mordant Maker Moss Reeve Mould Runner Moulder Mountebank Mudlark Muffin Carrier Muffin Maker Muger Mugger Muggler Mugman Mule Scavenger Mule Spinner Muleskinner Muleteer Multurer Mumper Musicker Mustard Man Mustarder Pack Thread Spinner Packer Packing Casemaker Packman Pad Maker Page Painter Paintress Paling Man Palister Palmer Paneler Pannarius Pannier Man Pannifex Pansmith Panter Pantile Polisher Pantler Pantographer Paper Colourer Paper Cutter Paper Dealer Paper Factor Paper Hanger Paper Presser Paper Stainer Paperer Parchmenter Pardoner Pargeter Parian Maker Paritor Parker Parochus Passage Keeper Pasteler Pastor Paternosterer Patler Patten Maker Pattener Pattern Card Maker Pattern Maker Pauper Paver Pavyler Pawnbroker Pedascule Peddler Pedestrian Pedlar Pee-dee Peeler Peever Pelterer Pensioner Perambulator Perchemear Peregrinator Periwig Maker Peruke Maker Peruker Pessoner Petardier Peterman Pettifogger Petty Chapman Pew Opener Pewterer Pharmacist Pharmacist's Mate Philosophical Instrument Maker Phonologist Phrenologist Picker Picker Maker Pictor Piece Broker Piece Master Piece Worker Piecener Piecer Pig Jobber Pig Man Pigmaker Pikelet Maker Pike Helve Maker Pikeman Piker Piler Piller Pilot Pin Pointer Pinder Piner Pinner Pinner Up Pioneer Pipe Maker Piper Pistor Pit Brow Lass Pit Brusher Pit Head Man Pit Man Pit Road Man Pitcher Plaicher Plain Worker Plaisterer Plaiter Planker Plasher Plasterer Platcher Plate Maker Platelayer Playderer Pleacher Plomer Ploughboy Ploughwright Plumassier Plumber Plumbium Worker Plumer Pluralist Podiatrist Point Man Poetaster Pointer Pointmaker Pointsman Poldave Worker Poleman Polenter Polentier Poleturner Poller Ponderator Pony Driver Porcher Portable Soup Maker Porter Portmanteau Maker Post Boy Poster Postilion Postillion Pot Arch Man Pot Boy Pot Burner Pot Man Potato Badger Potter Potter's Carrier Potter's Jollier Potter's Mould Runner Potter's Presser Potter's Thrower Poulter Poulterer Poultryman Powder Monkey Power Loom Tuner Powler Poynter Practical Brewer Preceptor Preceptress Prentice Press Emptier Press Maker Press Man Presser Prick Louise Pricker Prig Napper Prigger Primate Print Cutter Printer Printer Compositor Printer's Boy Printer's Devil Printfield Worker Proctor Prop Bobby Prothonary Prothonotary Provision Dealer Prow Smith Publican Puddler Puffler Pug Miller Puggard Pugger Punky Pupil Teacher Pure Finder Pure Gatherer Purl Seller Purser Pursuivant Purveyor Pusser Putter Putter-In Pykemonger Pynner Pyrometer Attendant Sacristan Sad Iron Grinder Saddle Tree Maker Saddler Safernman Saggar Maker Salinator Saloonist Salt Boiler Salter Saltpetre Man Sandesman Sandwasher Sarcenet Weaver Savant Sawbones Sawer Sawyer Say Weaver Scabbler Scagiola Maker Scaleraker Scavelman Scavenger Scholar Schoolmarm Schoolmaster Schoolmistress Schrimpschonger Schumacker Sclater Scotch Draper Scotchman Scourer Screener Scribbler Scribe Scriber Scribler Scrimer Scrivener Scrivener Notary Scrutineer Scullerman Scullery Maid Scullion Scutcher Sea Fencible Seafarer Seal Presser Seamstress Searcher Secret Springer Seedsman Seeker of the Dead Seinter Self Acting Minder Semi Lorer Sempster Sempstress Seneschal Serge Maker Settmaker Sewer Hunter Sewer Rat Sewing Clerk Sewster Sexton Shagreen Case Maker Shallooner Shantyman Sharecropper Shearer Shearman Sheath Maker Sheepman Shepster Sheriff Sherman Shingler Ship Chandler Ship Engineer Ship Master Ship Stager Ship’s Husband Shipwright Shirt Sewer Shoe Clicker Shoe Finder Shoe Smith Shoe Wiper Shoemaker Shop Boy Shop Girl Shot Firer Shrager Shrieve Shrimper Shuffler Shunter Shuttle Maker Shuttler Sick Visitor Sickleman Sidesman Sifker Silk Drawer Silk Dresser Silk Dyer Silk Engine Turner Silk Mercer Silk Picker Silk Piecer Silk Steward Silk Thrower Silk Twister Silk Winder Silker Silkman Silversmith Simpler Sin-eater Sinker Sinker Maker Sissor Sizer Skelper Skepper Skinkster Skinner Skip Maker Skipper Slagger Slaper Slasher Slate River Slater Slaymaker Slinger Slopseller Slubber Slubber Doffer Slubbing Frame Fitter Small Runner Smallware Maker Smelter Smiddy Smith Smoke Doctor Smugsmith Snob Snobscat Snuffer Maker Soap Maker Soap Boiler Soap Licker Soaper Sojourner Sojourner Clothier Soldier Sole Cutter Solicitor Solid Iron Grinder Sondesman Soper Sorter Sortor Souter Soyor Spallier Spade Tree Maker Spade Tree Turner Spectioner Spelterman Sperviter Spicer Spindle and Fly Maker Spinner Spinster Spirit Merchant Spit Boy Spittleman Splitter Spooner Sprig Maker Sprigger Spring Maker Spuller Spurrer Spurrier Squarewright Squire Stabler Stab-rag Stainer Stall Keeper Stall Man Stamp Man Stampmaster Stationary Engine Driver Stationary Engineer Stationer Statist Staymaker Steam Hammer Driver Steeplejack Steersman Stenterer Step Boy Stepper Stevedore Stick Finisher Stick Maker Still Room Maid Stock Turner Stockinger Stockinger Stoker Stone Dresser Stone Hewer Stone Picker Stonewarden Stover Stowyer Stravaiger Straw Joiner Straw Plaiter Strawman Streaker Street Boy Street Orderly Stretcher Strickler Striker Stringer Stripper Stuff Weaver Stuffgownsman Sucksmiith Sugar Baker Sugar Grocer Sugarer Sumner Sumper Supercargo Superintendent Surface Man Sutler Swailer Swain Sweep Sweeper Swell Maker Swineherd Swineyard Swingler Sword Cutler Sword Slipper Tabernarius Tabler Tackler Tacksman Taker In Tailors Baster Taker Off Tallow Chandler Tally Clerk Tally Fellow Tallyman Tambour Worker Tambourer Tanbark Stripper Tanner Tanners Beamsman Taper Weaver Taperer Tapicer Tapiter Tapley Tapsman Tapster Tarboy Tasker Tasseler Taverner Tawer Tawyer Teamer Teamer Man Teamster Tearer Teemer Teerer Teinter Teizer Telegraph Cable Jointer Telegraphist Tenementer Tenter Tenterer Textor Thacker Thatcher Thecker Third-borough Thrasher Thresher Throstle Spinner Thrower Throwster Thruster Ticket Collector Ticket Taker Ticket Writer Tickney Man Tickney Woman Tide Gauger Tide Surveyor Tide Waiter Tidesman Tier Boy Tierer Tiger Tiler Tiller Tillman Time Ironer Timekeeper Timoneer Tin Streamer Tinctor Tinker Tinman Tinner Tinplate Worker Tinsmith Tinter Tipper Tippler Tipstaff Tirewoman Tisserand Tisserande Tixtor Tobacco Spinner Tobacco Twister Todhunter Todman Toerag Toilinette Maker Toll Agent Toll Collector Toller Tollgate Keeper Tollgatherer Tollie Tollkeeper Tonsor Tool Helver Top Sawyer Topman Topsman Tosher Toter Touch Holer Tow Card Maker Town Chamberlain Town Crier Town Husband Town Waiter Townsman Towsman Tozer Trackman Trackwalker Trammer Trampler Tranqueter Translator Tranter Trapper Travers Treen Maker Treenail Maker Trencher Maker Trencher-Man Trepanger Trimmer Tripe Boiler Tripper Man Troacher Troner Trouchman Trouncer Trover Truchmam Trug Maker Trugger Trusser Tubber Tube Drawer Tubman Tucker Tucker-In Tuner Turkey Red Dyer Turnbroach Turner Turning Boy Turnkey Turnpike Keeper Turnspit Tweenie Tweeny Twiller Twist Hand Twist Tobacco Maker Twister Twisterer Type Founder Tyre Roller Tyresmith Wabster Wadding maker Wafer maker Waggoner Wailer Wain house proprietor Wainius Wainwright Waiter Waitman Wakeman Waker Walker Walkster: Waller Want Catcher Wanter Warder Wardrobe Dealer Warper Warrener Washman Wasteman Watch Cap Maker Watch Case Joint Finisher Watch Dial Enameller Watch Dial Painter Watch Engine Turner Watch Examiner Watch Finisher Watch Fusee Cutter Watch Guilder Watch Jeweller Watch Motion Worker Watch Movement Maker Watch Pendant Maker Watch Pinion Maker Watcher Watchman Water Bailiff Water Gilder Water Leader Water Leder Water Loder Water Meadow Drowner Waterguard Waterman Wattle Hurdle Maker Waulker Waulkmiller Waver Way Maker Way Man Wayland Weather Spy Weaver Webber Operator Webster Weigh Clerk Weigher Well Sinker Wellmaster Wellwright Wet Glover Wet Nurse Wetter Whacker Wharfinger Wheel Tapper Wheeler Wheelwright Wherryman Whey Cutter Whig Whim Whimseyman Whip Thong Maker Whipcord Maker Whipcorder Whipper-in Whipping Boy Whisket Weaver Whit Cooper White Cooper White Limer Whitear Whitener Whitening Roll Maker Whitesmith Whitester Whitewing Whitster Whittawer Willeyer Willow Feeder Wincey Weaver Winder Windster Winner Wire Drawer Wireworker Withy Peeler Woad Dyer Wobster Wonkey Scooper Wood Ranger Wood Ward Woodbreaker Wool Billy Piecer Wool Burler Wool Comber Wool Driver Wool Factor Wool Grower Wool Sorter Wool Stapler Wool Winder Woolsted Man Worsted Man Wrecker Wright Writer Wyrth This dictionary is my own work, and copyright Jane Hewitt. stolen) copies of my website content appearing on other people's websites.

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Some may think it is perverse, but enjoying the snap of the whip or the clink of chains on skin could make you more psychologically healthy than those who enjoy a more mundane sex life.

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