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Even one day they wore the same shoes in the same time.

Whereas, in Korea, it’s only couples who exchanges stuff and use each other’s belonging. At the Nikon product launching, Seungri was seen letting Dara to stand beside GD with no purpose.

In the background picture of PSY official account presented the cartoon version of YG family in a party. GD’s mysterious status message at his Minihompy in May 2009, exactly when 2NE1 first debut, became a controversy amongst the KVIPs.

We can see, GD and Dara cartoon look pretty recognizable at that picture as Dara was illustrated as a girl with coconut-tree hairstyle, and GD was drawn wearing a pink scarf, the things that have become their identities. That status message made KVIPs jealous because the meaning of ‘Oppagamaiaekkyo’ GD wrote in a certain dialect is ‘a feeling from a boy to his girl so the girl always know that he always think about her, always care of her and always protect her.’ The most surprising fact is that the word ‘Oppagamaiaekkyeo’ only used by people from Busan, Dara’s hometown! GD almost always been dependent by some weird acts Dara did.

GD once pretended to eat a microphone in the Lollipop 2 music video, one that Dara did when she was a trainee.

In some interviews GD pretended to hit his head to the camera and with sad expression. GD also once mimicked Dara’s dance move in I Wanna Be at YG Family Concert, by doing Dara’s “You got the fire” dance part.46.

GD and Dara wear twin rings that make Netizen wondering.

GD’s ideal type of woman always changes all the time.At his last interview, GD said that he likes a girl with short hair that it could make her looks fresh and sexy.Few days before that interview, Dara just cut her hair short.38.But their relationship came back to the media spotlight in January 2011, when Dara told the story about GD helping her to carry her ski board at the YG family vacation.GD then told the media that when he saw Dara carrying her ski board, it looked like Dara was carrying a man because the board was as tall as her.

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The problem is, Dara has worn the ring since a long before as well as GD! GD and Dara also wear a twin bracelet, ‘Love Bracelet Cartier’.

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