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Although being gay certainly influences how I view the world, I am by no means bound by it either.

The reality is there is no one way of being a gay conservative.

There are dozens and dozens of other examples and both Milo and Chris have made tremendous headway in gathering gay support for Donald Trump, including the hashtag #Gaysfor Trump.

These individuals should not be ignored or dismissed.

On the other hand, gay conservatives like Guy Benson and Bruce Carroll (Gay Patriot), are vocally opposed to Trump.

Bruce, aka Gay Patriot, has been on the board of directors for Go Proud and an active voice for gay conservatism for many years.

Guy Benson is a contributor for Fox News and focuses primarily on politics.

I find it my intellectual and moral duty to protect it so that more can enjoy it as I do.

It is why I reside on this side of the spectrum and it is something I am unsure many on the left understand. We have for far too long placed our collective identity into a very narrow slot and have considered deviation to be inherently flawed.

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But I identify as conservative because it best suits my overall worldview. rather than a set of outcomes and as such is often misunderstood.

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